August 31, 2011

Susie and I are celebrating a special anniversary. Should we have gone somewhere??

We thought about Moab, Utah. But the heat is over 115 degrees. A road-trip to Central Oregon? Forest Fires. Our hearts go out to anyone affected by Irene on the Eastern Shores. And the Caribbean has another hurricane bearing down on them. Air travel is still a mess. And with plans for two major overseas trips still on the calendar this year, we'd prefer to stay in-county this week and save some money.

The Oregon Coast is spectacular this week. It it is too hot, to wet, or too crowded where you are, come celebrate with us!

Having been home a week, I had a chance to look around the warehouse. We have some fun stuff there that would look much better at your place! So here is a list of special items for our Labor-Day-Mark-Down-End-Of-Summer-Warehouse-Clearing-Sale.

SkyForm 60

Just got a delivery and found a kite with some color "bleed" from dark to light fabrics. Will surely look fine in the sky. But we won't sell it as new.

This is the yellow with black keels option. List price is $195. We'll take off $50 if you don't look at the staining.

LIke all pieces on the Factory, if you aren't completely satisfied, just send it back!

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Bucket Tube

Bucket Tubes!

Buckets have been used as tails to stabilize larger kites for years. But their decorative qualities have not been fully realized until we added a striped opening and a long black tube at the back.

Choose rainbow or design something special with custom colors.

This fun piece of line art measures roughly 12 feet. Add one to your line for $35. Mention the Factory and take off 20% while supplies last.

Cube Tube: Squares with holes cut out of the middle?? Outrageous!!

The standard big Cube Tube has six squares - each about 24 inches long. List price is $60. But we have two on the shelf and we'll sell the pair for $99.

Cube Tubes

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Copyright Gomberg Kite Productions International Inc. Licensed & Protected Design by S Oswald



We have a brand new, unflown, YELLOW Spirit in the 20 foot size for $350.Now reduced to $300

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Looking for Martin Lester's new Hypar?? We've got 'em!! Fly one and you'll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

This original model was introduced at the AKA convention and GKPI brought the only remaining inventory home. These are the larger 10 foot models, all white, which sell for $140. Folded size is 5 feet -- although future models are promised in a smaller spar length.

Quantities are limited to gimme a shout if you want one.

Cheshire Cheshire

Road Signs: These are great kites and we're convinced that if people see them flying, we'll sell more. How to get them flying? Mak them down for friends like you!
Sander's Signs

Kevin Sanders from Australia is a wonderfully creative kitist who combines technical proficiency and solid avionics with a light hearted sense of humor. In this case, the result is a series of flying road signs that offer unexpected phrasing.

We're making three styles -- the round, the rectangular, and the diamond. We can easily change the colors and even the wording for you. Think fun! Think creative! Think what road signs would say in a perfect world....

Each piece is constructed with a mesh inflation panel, a lifter loop, and a drogue for added stability. Fly them independently or in stacks. Signs measure 5 feet across and are 25 feet tall, not including the two attached drogues.

A lifter isn't necessary for these able fliers. The loop is added to make it easier to stack pieces in a train of signs. Put one word on each and spell out a message!

Recently I asked Sanders about the inspiration for the project. Click on this short video for an introduction to the origins of these fine kites and a taste of the fellow that created them.

Each Road Sign is priced at $300. I have a Round (No Way!), a Diamond (G'Day) and a Square (Party) available for 25% off each. Or order a new one and get 10% off.

Transition Tails

Transition Tails ..

Faithful readers remember that we received a batch of Trannies earlier this year that came with a black border. They looked great! In fact, some people thought they looked better then the original design. But alas, they we're the original design and that's what we needed.

We've still got some sizes and colors left. And they need to go away.So we're now offering unprecidented savings on these unused, still-in-the bag pieces. Take 30% off on orders over $100

The 24 foot size is normally $12. We have 38 Patriot (red/white/blue), 0 Miami (light blue/black/purple), 0 Blue, 0 Purple, and 0 Yellow

The 48 foot size is normally $25. We have 35 Red, 0 Miami (light blue/black/purple), 2 Patriot (red/white/blue), 9 Blue, 21 Purple, and 13 Yellow

The 96 foot size is normally $44. We have 5 Purple, 0 Red, 8 Patriot (red/white/blue), 0 Phoenix (red/orange/black), 1 Yellow, and 0 Miami (light blue/black/purple), 1 Rainbow

Call soon as these are moving.

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Scratch and Dent Sale - Kites! Updated 8-28

We're going througth the warehouse pulling product with bad packaging or damaged spars. We'll mark them down and post them here. Susie gets the stuff out of her way, and you get to save big on some cool kites! Return for full refund if not completely satisfied.

*Click here for information on how to place an order.

Scratch and Dent Sale - Tails! Updated 8-28

Everyone could use more tail. We've got rumpled bags, odd colors, and orphans. Return for full refund if not completely satisfied.

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Poo Kites

Trust me. This has nothing to do with teddy bears.

Paper is, of course, made from natural fibers that have been broken down. And what better way to break down vegetation than to digest it. See where this is going??

On our last trip to Cape Town, we learned of a factory producing paper from exotic animal dung. We were also aware that our friends at Cape Mental Health were hiring some of their clients to make miniature kites in a workshop which they then sold at the festival. We immediately suggested they use some of this fancy paper to produce unique kites which could be sold in all the tourist stores.

Upon our arrival this year, with much fan fare, we were presented with the very first of the "Poo Kites". The larger model is about 8 inches and the smaller ones about 4 inches. Both are certified to be made with authentic African Elephant dung.

We have been able to secure the first 50 kites in each size and will be bringing them home. Each will be sold with 100% of the proceeds going to help intellectually disabled kids in Africa.

What better gift for the kiter that has everything?? Poo Kites are a worthy addition to any collection. Of course, we don't promise that they fly worth a crap! Ok -- no more poor poo puns...

Poo Kites

Small kites are $5 and larger ones $10. Buy as many as you want! Shipping is a flat $5 per order. Quantities are limited for now.

Gomb Rev:

Gomberg Kite Production in cooperation with Revolution Enterprises is delighted to present a limited edition new Revolution. Check out the polyester, 1.5 Gomb-Rev.

Conceived by Ben Dantonio, designed by Randy Tom, and produced by Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez, this spectacular quad is available in very limited quantities for $350 each.

Gomb Rev

Opera Mask

Chinese Opera Mask:

This intese flying creation measures ten feet wide and thirty feet long with the connected tube tails. It is patterned after the classic performance masks of the Beijing Opera.

This is a great flying kite, designed by Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez of Spain. He's completely soft, fully inflatable and performs with or without a lifter. Mesh openings and zippered vents help with inflation and deflation.

We normally sell these spectacular kites for $1250. But we have one on the shelf you can have for $999.

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Copyright Gomberg Kite Productions International Inc. Licensed & Protected Design by Gonzalez Brothers

Mini PL Crabs

You can't help smiling at them, can you?? The smaller 10 foot size Crabs from New Zealand are good fun. And we have some in stock right now. Choose the warm or cool version. $450.

Lift is generated with the large claws that inflate through vents and are sealed off from the main body. The shell and feelers are filled though a mesh panel in the front and deflate with a zipper in the back.

*Click here for information on how to place an order.

Peter Lynn Crab

Standard Fish:

This is a cool colored fish from our own Oregon inventory. It is the older design with long fins.

Colors are purple, blue, and aqua.

New price is $4600. Sale price is $3600

Standard Fish

"Patchwork" Ray:

The original Ray style is now called the "patchwork" version. Flies great!

We have one in our Oregon inventory that is looking for a new home. Current new price was $4900. Sale price is $4200.

Patchwork Ray

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