Big Lifters!
Foils, Flowforms, Sleds and Inflatables

There is nothing like flying a big, colorful inflated kite. The thrill of just hanging on to it is impossible to describe. The power it generates is exhilarating. And you get a special satisfaction from the care and skill required.

Besides, they can carry all kinds of laundry up the line.

Big kites usually cost big bucks. But not here! We've got surprising values on the best lifters available.

Kites Shown Below:
Pilot Parafoils | SkyForm | SkyForm Minis |Lifter | Shannon Parafoils | BullDog Parafoil
Magic Flute | Super Sled | Mega Sled | BA Sled
Frequently Asked Questions
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Pilot Parafoil
GKPI SkyForm
Shannon 50
Sutton Flowform
Mega Sled
50 sq ft
60 sq ft
50 sq ft
75 sq ft
60 sq ft
75 sq ft
characteristics and bridle configuration
simple, stable - three bridles - low cost
stable - one bridle - vented - surface = 60 sq ft
bold graphics - self-adjusting bridles - small cells
strong lift - three bridles - good for heavy wind
stable - one bridle - vented - surface = 100 sq ft
powerful - rigid frame - good for stronger winds

Gomberg SkyForms:

Similar in profile to the Sutton, the Gomberg SkyForm is guaranteed to be a stable and reliable flowform. Minimal bridles and keels make for easieer tuning. And the open trailing eldge allows flying in stronger winds. A SkyForm doesn't generate as much vertical power as a Pilot, but will certainly get your show airborne with a minimum of fuss.


Choose from one of our stock designs, or click on the diagram links below to colorize your own custom kite. We're now offering four sizes, ranging from large, to very, very large.

SkyForm SkyForm
  • The Skyform 60 is a manageable 7 x 8.5 feet and priced it attractively at $195. The kite features eight cells and five keels. Click here for a diagram.
  • The SkyForm 120 is 10 x 12 feet and retails for $475. This kite features six cells and four keels. Click here for a diagram. The 120 offers the best combination of size and cost to produce bang for your buck
  • The Skyform 250 is our gentle giant. Scaling up to 14 x 18 feet the kite features eight cells and five keels. Click here for a diagram.Choose one of the patterns shown or substitute your own custom colors for $800.
  • The Skyform 450 is a behemoth. Measuring a huge 19 x 25 feet, the kite features eight cells and five keels. This is a $1600 kite recomended only for experienced fliers.Click here for a diagram.
    Giant Streamer

    SkyForms work best with a drogue or tail. For major sky impact at a modest price, add one of our matching Giant Streamers.

    • 5 x 50 ft - $75 (SkyForm 60)
    • 8 x 75 ft - $99 (SkyForm 120)
    • 10 x 100 ft-- $159 (SkyForm 250)
    • 15 x 150 ft - $300 (SkyForm 450)
    • Colored Outline -- add 10%.

    Click here for a summary of SkyFrom tuning.

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SkyForm Minis

SkyForms are designed to be big and manageable. But in smaller sizes, you still get a great flying kite and a great show as well.

The SkyForm 15 is 5 x 3 feet for $125. It is a solid flier and fine lifter for tubes under 50 feet, or small cameras.

The SkyForm 30 is 7 x 5 fee for $170. It too flies rock solid and lifts well.

Designed similar to the larger kites, the smaller SkyForms have minimal keels and bridles. They work best with a tail. We suggest the Gomberg Pennant for $35 as a perfect addition for stability and maximum visual affect.

Smaller flowforms will handle stronger winds. When there is too much breeze for the larger inflatables, try a flock of SkyForm 15s with tails. Youll be the best and last show left in the sky!

SkyForm 15

Standard designs are red, yellow, or purple with black keels. They are in stock and ready to ship. Special colors are available but will takea few weeks to produce. Fly on 200 or 300 pound line.

Pilot Tuning?

Lines and fabric may change after a few first flights -- like a new pair of shoes settes in with wear. For simple "field tuning", I simply gather all the lines in one hand. I adjust the bottom row until the kite is flying straight. Then adjust the top to orient for lift. Then remove the slack from any other lines.

I tie a knot in all the lines, connect a flying line, and send it up to see how the adjustment worked. If correct, I just cut off all the loose bits.

Same works for SkyForms.

Pilot Parafoils: A serious lifer for any application.

Easy to launch, stable in flight, and reliable in almost any wind -- Pilots are perfect for lofting line art, tails, or supporting other inflated kites. That's why people are calling them the "no-brainer parafoil".

Basic Pilot Sails
Basic with Black Keels
White Top for Brighter Color
Basic with Black Keels
Top and Bottom Same
All one Color

Choose the design that works best for you. We produce a solid, two or three-color "Basic" sail, "Stripes" in two or four colors with matching or contrasting keels, a "Striped Wedge" pattern, or the daring "X-Wing". For brighter colors, you can add a white top-sail. Or you can mirror colors top-and-bottom for a bold look. We are also offering our special USA Pilot.Click here to see the available colors.

Pilot with Stripes
Four Color Stripe
with Black Keels
Pilot with Stripes
Two Color Stripe
with Black Keels
Pilot with Stripes
Four Color Stripe
With Black Wedge
USA Pilot
Red - White - Blue
USA Pilot

This is a big, steady lifter with large billowing cells that inflate easily. We offer three sizes -- a 50 square foot model, a hefty 90 footer, or the huge 140 square foot kite. No tail or drogue is needed, although you can easily add one for more fun. Click here to get a sense of the Pilot 50's size.
Pilot 50 as Lifter

Peter Lynn developed Pilots as "sky anchors" for his big inflatables. They go up easy and stay up in the strongest or lightest winds.

You can use them to help stabilize a larger showpiece, lift line laundry or smaller inflatables, or heft cameras and instruments into the sky.

Be sure to check out our Pilot Kite Turning Information.

  • The Pilot 1 is $275
    about 50 square feet (6.5x7 ft)
  • The Pilot 2 is $375
    about 90 square feet (9x10 ft)
  • The Pilot 3 is $600
    about 140 square feet (11.5x12 ft)

Let us know if we can make you something special in a Pilot. Licensed Design by P. Lynn

Pilot Comparisons

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Licensed & Protected Design by P Lynn.

Magic Flute

Its not a foil and it isnt a sled either. It is two layers of fabric, overlapped to create seven pockets. With a minimal bridle you get lift and stability and elegant simplicity in the sky!

This design has long been called the Flute or Pan Flute in smaller sizes. We worked with Rod Milburn to create a larger kite with improved performance. At nine feet wide and seven tall, it is not a small showpiece. Add a pair of matching 48 foot Transition Tails to complete a delightful package. Magic!

Were offering five color combinations for $199.

Stripe and Solid Flutes can be made in your choice of colors. (Note that the Solid comes with contrasting keels.)

Click here to see the colors available for custom orders.

The Magic Flute is a solid flier with good pull. But it is not designed as a lifter kite like our Pilots. On the other hand, they will go up in less wind and stay there. The Magic Flute is a great performer in lighter or stronger breezes.

Need something to fly your big kite on?
Click here for flying line, anchors and hardware.
Looking for tips and instructions for anchoring, and launching lifters?
Check out our Big Lifter Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: Unfortunately, Suttons are not currently being made in any larger sizes. If this changes, we'll be happy to offer them again. Meanwhile, AirAffairs is referring customers to our similar SkyForm series in place of their 60, 125, and 252.

Sutton Flowforms: These are the classic flowforms from Air Affairs. Big, easy to handle, and major sky-impact. You've seen them at festivals all around the USA. Now you can own one. Hundreds of square feet of fun!

Flowforms are stable and remarkably gentle for their size. Remember to add your own drogue , spinning windsock or our exclusive Sutton Streamers.


We handle five sizes of flowforms. Color choices are available -- click on the links below for templates you can download and colorize. (Click left on an image to download.)
  • The "30" is 5 x 6 feet and sells for $175
  • The "60" is 6.5 x 9 feet and sells for $325
  • The "125" is 10 x 13 feet and sells for $550
  • The "252" is 14 x 18 feet and sells for $890
  • The "450" is 18.5 x 24.5 feet and sells for $1700.
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    Licensed & Protected Design

    BullDog Parafoil:

    Part parachute, part airfoil, and known for their incredible lift, these "work horse" parafoils are designed for flying and lofting a show in the toughest conditions.

    Rainbow BullDog

    The 75 square foot Bulldog was designed tough with durable 1.5 ounce sailcloth and reinforced edging. Deep cells and a low aspect ratio allow it to inflate quickly, lift more gear, and stay aloft in varying winds. Extra tabs along the trailing edge make attaching extra tails easy.

    This truly modern kite is shaped when the wind inflates six open cells. The wing is divided by a series of ribs, or risers which create the aerofoil shape in flight. Click here for bridle lengths and tuning.

    Keels sewn to the face of the kite maintain lateral stability. The main flying line is attached to a strong multi-legged bridle ststem.

    Bulldogs were originally developed for lifting the famed beach shows on the Oregon Coast. Daily performances required easy handling and long-term dependability. Sparless construction means easy storage and transport.

    Available in rainbow, warm, or cool color combinations for $350 each

    Rainbow Warm Cool

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    Our newest lifter is now in production. I'm still still struggling with a name for it. Sky Scraper, Levitator, Navagator, Lift-Off, Utopia, SkyAgra, and Flo-Berg have all been suggested.

    This kite has the simple bridle and keels of a Flowform, and huge open cells like a Pilot. It's a larger kite -- about 100 square feet. Tabs on the back will easily hold a matching streamer.

    It flies at a high angle and pulls plenty. The distinctive feature immediately apparent was how quickly it inflated and launched. Our working title is the "EZ Up"

    List price on this new piece will be $420.

    EZ Lifter

    Choose one color for the sail and another for the keels. Click here for a diagram.

    Big kites need big bags.
    But you don't want to spend a bunch of money on bags so check this out.

    We've got top quality duffel bags, made of black Cordura with tough metal zippers (double opening), Velcro handle attachment, carrying strap and a waterproof lining. They measure 40 inches long and 18 inches wide. Stuff in a giant octopus or fill them with a festival full of foils and laundry. They are the biggest bags the airlines allow.

    Your price?? Get this -- $25!

    Spend your money on kites. Then stuff them in our bags...

    Super Sled
    Super Sled

    Super Sled: Here's a solid lifter for all occasions.

    This 40 square foot traditional sled measures eight feet wide and five feet tall. It is perfect for displaying tubes, tails, and line decorations.

    Attach them to the flying line, or connect to tabs at the base of the kite. The special ram-air design provides increased lift and stability in a wide range of wind conditions. Click here to see the Sled with our Pennant as a tail.

    At just $88 each, you won't find a better platform for the money. We're making sleds in red, yellow, and purple - each with black and white accents. Sorry - no customs colors available

    Hyper-flexible spars give the kite form, but are virtually indestructable. You can even bend the kite in half for transport!

    Flexible Sled Flexible Sled Flexible Sled

    *Click here for information on how to place an order.
    Copyright Gomberg Kite Productions International Inc.

    Patchwork Mega Sled: -- Especially designed for lifting windsocks, tubes, and line art!

    What's the difference between a Super and a Mega?? The Mega is really twice the kite in size, power, and performance.

    This big 75 square foot para-sled is a strong, reliable lifter for all your kiting needs. It measures 10 feet wide and 7.5 feet tall. Use it to fly big tubes, inflatable line decorations, or larger spinners. Anchor other inflatable kites below. The Mega Sled won't let you down!

    Mega Sled

    The special ram-air design provides increased lift and stability in a wide range of wind conditions. Tabs at the base of the kite allow easy tail attachment, and the unique sail tension system lets you tighten or remove fiberglass spars easily. Spars disasemble for compact storage.

    The Mega Sled is a powerful kite and sells for $185. Fabric bag included. Use 500-750 pound flying line and make sure you anchor securely.

    Mega Sled

    Megas are available in five colors options. Choose from rainbow, blue, purple, red, or yellow.

    *Click here for information on how to place an order.
    Copyright Gomberg Kite Productions International Inc.

    BA Sled:

    Much bigger than average -- so we called it the BA Sled.

    This 100 square-foot sled is a is a big, hard-pulling kite. Use it to loft tubes, inflatable line decorations, or larger spinners. The BA is a strong, reliable lifter for all of your kiting needs.

    BA Sled

    The special ram-air design provides increased lift and stability in a wide range of wind conditions. For better performance, add a tail.

    BA Sled

    Tabs at the base of the kite allow easy attachment, and the unique sail tension system lets you easily tighten or remove the fiberglass spars.
    • A Big, Powerful Lifter
    • 14 Feet Wide and 7.5 Feet Tall
    • Disassembles for Compact Storage
    • Strong Fiberglass Frame
    • Tough Nylon Sail
    • Fabric Bag Included

    The BA Sled is a powerful kite. Use 500-750 pound flying line in winds of 7-18 mph. Make sure you anchor securely and fly safely.

    Made in purple, yellow, red, and rainbow for $260 each.

    *Click here for information on how to place an order.
    Copyright Gomberg Kite Productions International Inc.

    Got a lifter but looking for something to lift??
    Don't miss our super cool collection of spinners, tubes and sky snakes.
    Click here for more details.

    Shannon 30 X-Foil

    Shannon Parafoil: Kevin Shannon has designed us a solid and stable parafoil made from lightweight ripstop and featuring a large number of cells for a smooth form, one-piece keels for stability, and a self-adjusting cascade-bridle. The extra-long bridle lines stretch twice the length of the kite for an attractive waterfall that leads to the tow-point. This solid lifter also comes complete with a small "bucket" drogue.

    Larger high performance "art" foils typically sell for $15-$20 per square foot, but we'll be offering Shannons for well under $10. There are five size options and six dramatic designs. Choose your own colors and vary the details for a something really special and unique. Each kite is custom made to order. Click here to see the available colors.

    The Shannon 36 at six by six feet is an excellent value in a larger size platform. Thirty-six square feet is perfect for our sixty foot tubes or lifting other line art, but will not overpower you. The 36 is constructed with seven keels, 12 cells, and ten foot bridles.

    Want something bigger? Check out the Shannon 50. These larger foils are also designed with seven keels and twelve cells, but have bridles up to 20 feet long. The 50 is six-and-a-half feet tall and eight feet wide -- perfect for our American Flag motif.

    The Shannon 75 and 90 are powerful lifters intended for experienced fliers. They pull hard but offer a dramatic show.
    • Shannon 30 -- $220
    • Shannon 36 -- $275
    • Shannon 50 -- $350
    • Shannon 75 -- $500
    • Shannon 80 -- $550
    • Shannon 90 -- $600
    The Shannons excel in both design and graphics. We offer a straight-forward "Striped" pattern in rainbow, warms, cools, or a custom combination of your own choosing.

    Our popular Triangle design can be formatted with the triangles facing up or down, and with the colored bars in horizontal or vertical arrangements. And of course, you get to choose the colors.

    We also offer the eye-catching Herringbone black and white with an off-setting primary color, or the exciting "Nines" -- so called because it has nine colored sections and nine black triangles. Plus we have a unique pattern we're calling the "X-Foils" . This colorful design features two large rainbow triangles highlighted by a dramatic black X.

    Finally, we have the both kites in a patriotic Stars and Stripes flag motif that will make you stand up and salute.

    Each size Shannon is available in any of the design options. Bridles are factory set, but may require some fine tuning after the lines and fabric are first flown. Click here to see some design options.

    Remember that parafoils have a lot more lift than a flowform of similar size. These are great flying kites and excellent lifters!

    *Click here for information on how to place an order.
    Copyright Gomberg Kite Productions International Inc.
    Licensed & Protected Design by K. Shannon

    Stars and Stripes
    Shannon Stars and Stripes-Foil

    Rainbow Stripe
    Shannon Rainbow Stripe

    Rainbw Triangles
    Shannon Rainbow Triangles

    Custom Triangles
    Shannon Custom Triangles

    Shannon Herringbone

    Shannon 'Nines

    Shannon X-Foil

    Threesomes can be fun! Buy three of our big tubes -- Snakes, Racing Stripes, or Space Socks, and we'll take 20% off the total price.

    That's right! You get 300 feet of laundry tubes...and you even get to choose the colors!

    Three Tube Special!

    Sutton and Snake Tails

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    Please Note: Special care is required when flying large and heavy pulling kites or ground devices.

    Such care includes but is not limited to the following:

    • Be sure your flying area is clear of people and obstructions.
    • Be sure you are properly anchored.
    • Be sure your flying line is sufficient for the load it is carrying.
    • Be sure you have the ability to retreive your kite after it is launched.

    Large kites can be dangerous: When you fly them, you accept responsibility for any accidents that may result. GKPI assumes no liability for injury or damage.