July 27, 2011
Special Announcement

Gomberg Kite Productions is pleased to announce that we have signed papers to open a new retail kite store in Seaside Oregon.


Our newest location for Northwest Winds Kites and Toys will be at 19 Broadway Street, just 100 feet from the famous Seaside turn-around and the beach. The Turnaround at Seaside, Oregon, is designed as the official end of the Lewis and Clark Trail. We now have the two best kite retail locations in Oregon.

Check this amazing link! It's a 360 view of the beach, prominade, and storefront. Our store is visible just to the right of the statue by the small white street sign.

We plan to open for business just after Labor Day with our General Managers, Jackie and Mike Oswald on site.

We are accepting applications from qualified retail associates. Email me for details.


GKPI now operates two stores in Lincoln City with our primary location at the D-River Wayside. In two short years, Northwest Winds has grown into the largest "bricks and mortar" retailer of kites on the west coast. Our products of course, specialize in the Gomberg-made G-Kites brand. We carry a broad selection of garden art and wind spinners and the largest selection of Revolution products in the Pacific Northwest.

You can visit our sister web page at www.NWWinds.biz.

Susie and I are off to Berkeley in the morning. Coming up are trips to Dieppe (Canada) and Long Beach for the Washington State International Kite Festival. See you out there somewhere!


No -- we're not talking Houston or Philadelphia. We're talking our new 7.5 foot SunCatcher Rokkaku.

These are big roks -- perfect for lifting laundry, sky art, or cameras. Good light-wind performance. Serious pull in stronger breezes.


The colors are impressive, if we do say so ourselves. And we've added a "suncatching" mylar panel for a dramatic appearance in the sky.

List price is $180.Order by July 5th and get a 20% discount when you mention the Update.

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