July 17, 2011
Brookings -- Just Imagine....

Just imagine what the weekend would have been like with sun and wind. We had kites, we had a great collection of talented kite fliers, we had an open field, a supportive community, and plenty of interested spectators. And we also had thick, dripping mist with practically no wind at all. Just imagine....

Wet Roks

The Southern Oregon Kite Festival is a great little event. I refer to it as a "showcase" because there is no room for open flying. Instead, invited guests parade across a small field one-by-one, as the announcer introduces them to a the appreciative crowd.

A crowd? In the rain?? You betcha!

Early Saturday, folks started lining up lawn chairs and plastic sheeting at the edge of the field. Brookings always has a supportive group of regulars who pack the neighboring RV park and head to the flying field right after breakfast.

The local community provides a warm reception for the performers. Those performers included Ron and Sandy Gibean, Lindsey Johnson and Ronda Brewer, Al and Aaron Washington, Mark and Jeanette Lummas, Ron Despojado, Amy and Connor Doran, John and Takkako Barresi, Steve de Rooy, J. D. Fabich, Barry (Bazzer) Poulter, Willow Robin, Susan Shampo, Rod and Cindy Thrall, Penny Lingenfelter, Steve Blasdell, Al Stroh, Sam King Family, Barry Nash, Gordon Osterlund, Kenny Osterlund, John Quitugua, Ron Gibian, Gary MacEachern, Nathan Ostovar, and Arnold Stellema.


Looking over the list, you see the group is heavy on sport kite fliers. That's partly because of the three teams -- IQuad, Too Much Fun, Sundowners, and partly because the field is more conducive to the multi line performances.

Wet Kiters Wet Kiters Wet Kiters Wet Kiters Wet Kiters
Simply put, there is some effort involved with setting up a dozen single-line kites and then parading them across the field for a five minute flight. But the Thralls, Kings, Gibeans, Johnson/Brewers, and Gombergs managed to keep things moving. And some of the sport kite folks are making pretty cool kites now too!

Saturday night, a dinner and auction warmed up the kiters. A quick check of the room showed that at least half-a-dozen had gone out to buy new (dry) shoes.

Wet Kites Wet Kites Wet Kites

Sunday, the mist continued by finally started to lift at the end of the day. That was about the time fliers needed to pack for the trip home.

In 19 years, Brookings has never been rained out. And technically, it wasn't cancelled this year either. We flew. It was just moist. Next year, I'm sure it will be warm, sunny, and windy.


Check out the front page of our local paper last week. That's a full-color photo above the fold.

Next weekend, Phil and Barbara Burks of Portland will be out on the sand.


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