Only in Oregon....

With weeks of rain leading up to New Year, we had some minor flooding south of town that sent water running over the road. And the Salmon were running too! A few struggling upstream in the shallows took a shortcut across the street!

We're not talking minnows here either. These are fully mature, four foot Chinook Salmon!

Only in Oregon do you need to watch out for fish wile driving!!

Lifter Sleds

January 3, 2011
New Year on the Beach!

The rain abated and by Friday, we had sparkling clear weather. It was the kind of perfect day on the beach you can't plan for because you never know when one might come. Blue sky, crisp cold, and crashing waves. I dragged several large bags out onto the sand.

Putting a few big smiles up in the air seemed the best way to announce a fresh new year. And the giant Diablo of course, have big smiles. Friday was such good fun that we came back Saturday as well -- even though the clouds had returned a bit. Between the two shows, Susie took me dancing to celebrate!

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

We're looking forward to an exciting 2011 with several new designs in store. Watch for a larger ZumZum soon, and a 250 square foot AirForm.

Meanwhile, the beach store for Northwest Winds is expanding into open space next door and adding 800 more feet of sales area. Susie reminded me that we now have the largest retail space, and the largest inventory and selection of any kite shop on the west coast!

Hope your celebration was positive, productive, and fun as well! Don't be strangers in 2011. We'd love top hear from you.

Road Fish Sale!

We can't put any Salmon on your local streets. But we can put a fish in your sky!

Order between now and January 15th, and of course, mention the Update, and we'll take 20% off any aquatic creature you find on our Sea Life Inflatables & People Parts pages.

That includes Butterfly Fish, French Angels, Moorish Idols, Clowns, Sharks, Piranha, Orca, and even Sea Horses.

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French Angel

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