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We now have more than 20 deltas in our "scratch and dent" section.

December 6, 2010
New Designs

Finally -- FINALLY there was a break in the rain and we were able to pull a few new pieces out to test fly and photograph. What do you think??

Place an order for any of these designs before December 15 and we'll take 20% off the purchase price.


We've been looking for a fun and creative bug inflatable for years. And finally, at one of the big European festivals, we found him!

Meet ZumZum, designed by Christian "Pumuckel" Laskowski and Alexandra Ruger of Germany. He's got big bug eyes, a happy smile, fluttering wings, and a cute little stinger.

ZumZum ZumZum ZumZum

At about five feet tall, you can stack up a swarm. Or check back after the new year and we'll have a larger BigBug size.

Available in your choice of colors for $200 each.


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Licensed & Protected by Christian Laskowski


Flying Cows:

Udderly delightful! Flying Heffers are about eight feet long -- not including the tail. Hang them on a line - display them on a pole - or launch a herd from multiple lines under a lifter. Totally a-moos-ing...

We are making Cows is the traditional black-and-white Holstein colors. Or I suppose we could do them in other shades too if you really wanted red, or green or pink. Anyway, the price is $250 each. Put one in the sky and then see if anyone dares walk under.

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Copyright Gomberg Kite Productions International Inc. Licensed & Protected Design by S Oswald

Spiked Madonna Bols

Spiked "Madonna" Bols:

We now make Madonnas in 4, 13, and a huge 28 foot size. We can order any colors you like, but we recommend solids with black spikes or the striking Rainbow Madonna.

Why call them "Madonnas"??

The Germans who first designed them called these spinning bols "pickels" and "pimple wheels". But we didn't think acne references sounded too good, so we named them "Madonnas" in reference to the wild outfits the singer was wearing at the time. Fashions have changed but our spinning Spiked Bols are still definite show-stoppers.

Spiked Madonna Bols

Each bol comes with three rows of spikes. The heavy fabric takes a beating, and an elastic trailing edge helps maintain inflation in gusts. Use them as line laundry, drogues on a big lifter, or as ground bouncers. Singles look great, a matched pair looks better, and a string of half a dozen are awesome...

Big Madonnas are great for making an impact on the flying field. Four footers are $150 each or $275 a pair. Medium 13 footers are $499 each or $899 a pair. And the Big Ones are $999 each.

Let us know what colors we can make up for you.

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Copyright Gomberg Kite Productions International Inc. Licensed & Protected Design by S. Oswald

Click on the photo for other colors.


This German inflatable from Meik Schlenger is one of the best new creations we've seen in the sky!

Lots of extra details make the appearance and performance exceptional.

Turtles are available in your choice of colors and measure about ten feet long. Fly one or stack them up!! Priced at $600 each.

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Licensed & Protected Design by Meik Schlenger

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