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We now have more than 20 deltas in our "scratch and dent" section.

November 29, 2010
Peter Lynn Winter Liquidation

December brings a welcome break in the show kite circuit and a good chance to review the pile of kite bags out in the garage. We decided there are a couple of big pieces we are willing to part with. And while we were at it, I emailed Jenny at Peter Lynn Ltd in New Zealand and prevailed on them for a list of used inflatables they can sell as well.

The exchange rate is awfull right now. And that makes costs higher for new kites. The only way to get a lower price is to pick up a used model. And those aren't often available.

These kites are used, but warranted to be in good condition and flyable. In each case, I have listed the current retail price for a new kite based on today's exchange rate. I then list the discount for this used piece.

Please note that kites shipped from the USA to the USA will included an added $70 shipping fee. Kites sent from New Zealand or from the USA to overseas will require a $250 shipping fee.

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Tattooed Fish:

We brought these back from Dieppe. As far as I know, this matched pair are the only ones done in this pattern.

The Fish have the same overall size impression as other maxi inflatables. But they have less bulk or appendages which results in less fabric and thus less weight. It also means a lower price. While other full size inflatables are now priced around $4700, the fish can be had new for closer to $3900 new. But that is without the added tattoo feature

Because these two are unique, we'd like to keep the pair together. The discounted price is $3500 each or $6500 for both! Kites are in Oregon

Tatoo Fish

Standard Fish:

This is a cool colored fish from our own Oregon inventory. It is the older design with long fins.

Colors are purple, blue, and aqua.

New price is $4600. Sale price is $3600

Standard Fish

"Patchwork" Ray:

The original Ray style is now called the "patchwork" version. Flies great!

We have one in our Oregon inventory that is looking for a new home.

Original price was $4770. Sale price is $4000. And because it is in Oregon, shipping is less too!

We've also got one in New Zealand. Price on that one is $3900.

Patchwork Ray

"Gold" Ray:

Here is another unique kite. It has the body of the new Ray style. But note the bucket tails of the original Ray design.

Colors are yellow and gold.

Original price was $4770. Sale price is $3700. Shipped from New Zealand.

Gold Ray

Standard Reef Fish:

This is the standard Reef Fish design. They measure about 15 x 60 feet. List price new is $3900.

This blue, aqua and yellow model is located in New Zealand. Used price is $3400.

Standard Fish

Maxi Tattoo Ray:

This is another unique design. It has a red top skin, white bottom skin and black accents. We would call this the "new" Ray format.

List price on a Ray is nearly $4800. Located in in New Zealand and can be had for $3500 plus shipping

Custom Ray

Panda Bear:

Pandas are cool! This one is like new. But the new price is $4500 and you can have this one for $3500.

He lives in New Zealand presently.


Maxi Turtle:

Big Turtles have a lot of bulk! This one is 16 x 32 feet.

Colors are red, gold, and yellow so he really warms up the sky.

New price is $4770. This slightly used one is $3900. Shipped from New Zealand.


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