February 15, 2010
Special Purchase - Three New Kites

Early on Saturday morning, I fly out for Borneo in Indonesia and an inaugural festival in Balikpapan. The organizers were kind enough to ask me to act as one of two international advisors. I'm looking forward to seeing friends there next week from Europe, South Africa, and across Asia. It is a great way to spend Chinese New Year. But I'm afraid my Valentine's Day dinner will be alone at 35,000 feet.

I'll have a great report for you next week. Meanwhile, I wanted to take this opportunity to share three new items with you. The first two are special purchases and will not be available on a long term basis. Think of them as both Chinese New Year celebrations...

If you like Japanese kite art, you will love these re-creations of traditional Edo kites designed by our friend Mikio Toki.

Instead of washi and bamboo, these Edo are made from ripstop polyester and flat flberglass spars. Each kite was designed by Toki himself and dyed into the fabric.

I was immediately impressed by the attention to authentic detail on these two pieces. The artwork is historically authentic. Spars are assembled in the traditional way - down to the wing-nut fasteners. Kites come with the long bridles that you find on original Edo. And even the carry bag is dyed to look like the typical ones Toki carries.

Each kite is 69 inches tall and 41 wide. Choose the Crane or the Dragon. They would look as good on a wall as in the sky. List price is $199. We're offering them for $180.

Click on the image for more information.

Edo Kites

Bee Kites

The second kite in our Chinese New Year offering is a variation on our series of Softie Kites. This one is a wonderful inflatable Bumble Bee.

The Bee design features three inflatable cells and loose wings. Bold stripes make it clear this is one serious bug! And our model is highlighted with transparent prismatex eyes that sparkle in the sun.

Bees are completely soft with no frame or spars. Inflated, they stand about 70 inches tall. Softies handle light to strong winds and come complete with bags and flying line. Click here for more information.

Order a limited edition GKPI bee for $70.

The final kite we'd like to share with you today is the long-awaited smaller version of the wonderful Gonzalez Devil. We're calling him Diablo.

Larger pieces are still available, but we've added a fun 3x9 foot model at a lower price that you can afford to stack up under a lifter or just fly one for fun.

There is nothing to assemble, nothing to lose, nothing to break. Just pull it out of the bag, stretch out the bridles, let the wind fill out the shape, and pop it into the air. Then stand back and watch these whimsical kites attract smiles.

Diablo is $99. Order before March 1 and get 20% off.

Diablo Kites

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