June 10, 2009
Ocean Shores: Crisp Fabric and Cloudy Skies

They shouldn't call it Ocean Shores. They should call it "Sutton Shores". Because when local kiters gather on the Washington Coast, they put up a ton of fabric and tails.


The flying space in Ocean Shores is huge. There is room for the larger flowforms, a big kite show, a sport kite competition, and a demo field for superstar Ray Bethel. On any given festival day, there may be twenty 252s or 450s in the sky.Russ and Diana Little, Barry and Susan Tislow, Gary and Vicky Tislow, and Ray Hertz really know how to fill the sky!

Steve Childress lofted a set of three PL Fish at the very far end of the field while I-Quad entertained at the other.

Octos Octos

Further down the beach, Dale Ray and the Gombergs launched a wall of Octopus on Saturday. On Sunday, we each brought out Mega Meanies for a fun rendition of "Meanie Lline-Dancing". And the real show stopper was Dale's new Dragon Kite, making it's first public appearance since we brought it back to the States from Berck.

Meanie Dance Cool Dragon Meanie Dance

Washington flies are fun because you can drive onto the beach and park right next to your flying spot. No dragging big bags forever across the sand. From one end to the other, the festival was about a mile long.

The skies were overcast, but the winds were smooth and dependable. Put a kite up and it stayed there until the end of the afternoon when things gracefully died down for an easy pack-up. At least four of the big kites were brand new. That made for crisp and crackling fabric under gloomy skies.

Big thanks to Cutting Edge Kites for a fine event.


Friday morning I fly out to Jamestown, North Dakota.

Two guys -- Mike Gee and Chris Dodson have been organizing this gathering for 15 years. The Parks Department provides and prepares their fields, the City helps with funding, and the public in this small community turn out in a big way. Fliers from a three state area gather each June for fun and fellowship. And the results are quite remarkable

Five years ago, I was there for my birthday and they made a cake that turned everyone's tongue black.

A reporter asked "Why is gusty wind a problem?". "It comes and goes" I replied. "And what is that like?" he continued. "It is like when a hammer comes and goes on a nail" I responded.

I'm looking forward to getting back to Jamestown to celebrate this 15th anniversary. Hope the kites help locals forget the flooding for a day or so.

Gecko Cake


Some kites look better in the sky than on a web page. This one looks good on your computer. But trust me -- they look much better in the air. So let's sell some and let folks see them!

These ten foot inflatable Parrots are listed at $450. But through June 20, we'll knock 20% off and sell you one in your choice of colors for just $360.

This award winner was designed by Otte Harm-Dierk of Germany and is licensed exclusively to GKPI. They fill through inflation vents in the chest and like all inflatables, the Parrot works better with a lifter.


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