March 1, 2012
Welcome to Northwest Winds - Seaside!

Two weeks ago, we posted a video of our store in Lincoln City. I also promised a tour of the newer Seaside store

Here's the first tour of Lincoln City in case you missed it. Join me on a stroll though the store and see what we've been up to. Remember to double click to go full-screen.

And now here is the Seaside shop -- just a few feet from the beach at the Broadway Turnaround

Beaches are perfect for kiting and the wind is smooth. Lewis and Clark came has as tourists in 1805. Roads and hotels are better now! AKA has been here three times and may come back next year. When are you coming??

Wet weather, heavy winds, and high tides continue here on the Oregon shore. So testing and photographing new products is behind schedule. I've got a new SkyForm 450 in the bag and I'm aching to air it out!! On Wednesday, I head to Thailand. Maybe I'll have to take the new kite along.

Chinese Opera Mask: This intense flying creation measures ten feet wide and thirty feet long with the connected tube tails. It is patterned after the classic performance masks of the Beijing Opera.

This is a great flying kite, designed by Pedro and Esteban Gonzalez of Spain. He's completely soft, fully inflatable and performs with or without a lifter. Mesh openings and zippered vents help with inflation and deflation. Choose from three colors or two face designs Click on the image to see more options.

These spectacular kites list for $1250. Through March 15, we'll take 20% off. Order the white one and get 25% off!

Opera Masks

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