November 14, 2011
End of Season Big Kite Clearance

Well, this is rare. It is a weekend and we're home and we have no plans to go anywhere for at least another week. Seem like ages since that's happened!

Check the Factory Outlet. We've been so busy the past few months that we haven't been able to keep it properly updated. New items have been added and there is a really good deal on Transition Tails.

We also have a number of larger or special pieces we are ready to part with now that the season is winding down.

Space Racer:We brought this cool piece home from AKA where it was flown for the first time. It's an all-new design from Simon Chisnall, chief desiner at Peter Lynn Ltd in New Zealand.

The space racer is 7.5 meters wide (24.6 feet). An alien that sits on top and appears to steer it as it flys.

This is the only one in the USA!

As an added bonus, this one has removable lights for an amazing night fly. List price is $4200 plus shipping from NZ. But you can have this one with free shipping and the light set too for $4000 even.

Check him out on YouTube.

Space Racer

"Original Gibian Art Kites:

We have some very special art kites. Check out these three Ron Gibian pieces.

These are each Ron and Sandy Gibian originals, and each signed. They are 8-10 feet tall assembled and each in excellent shape.

Choose the gold and gray, the black and gray, or the larger black, gold, and gray.Smaller models are $275 and the larger one is $375.


"Giant Swallow Set:

Here is another treasure. it is a super size, Robert VanWeers Swallow set.

You get the giant lifter kite -- about 20 feet wide. And you also get another 12 smaller kites to fly below it. The entire set was made in New Zealand and is in great condition.

Great price too! $450 for all 13 kites!


"Giant Fish:

This is a big blue beauty - about forty feet plus flwing fins and streamers.

One thing I particularly like about the Peter Lynn Fish is how easily and quickly it both inflates and deflates. This is a dramatic and powerful kite. Use a solid lifter and watch it undulate just off the ground.

Colors are actually blue/purple/aqua. It has very little flying time and peter would describe it as "new". Current new price was $4700. Sale price is $4000.

Blue Fish

"Patchwork" Ray:

The original Ray style is now called the "patchwork" version. We usually use these at the top of a large kite stack because they have better lift and stability than most other giant kites. In other words, it lies great! And of course, you don't need an entire stack to make an impression.

We have one in our Oregon inventory that is looking for a new home. Current new price was $4900. Sale price is $4200.

Patchwork Ray

Gomberg Bols:

What we have here is a straight-forward, traditional striped Bol. The one for sale is in warm colors.

Our Bols are more then 25 feet tall. They pull hard and attract lots of attention!

List price is $950. This one is a steal at $550.

Striped Bol

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Lest anyone think we have nothing good to say about Chinese kite design, let me be clear. We support original works coming from Chinese producers -- just as we do any other kiter.

Here's an interesting piece from Weifang, made in the Peter Lynn tradition.

I'm taking orders now for a one-time purchase of the Scorpion. It's a bigger kite - about 40 feet -- priced low at $750.


Time for these to find a new home!

Hypar is an original new kite from martin lester. Fly one and you'll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

This original model was introduced at the AKA convention and GKPI brought the only remaining inventory home. These are the larger 10 foot models, all white, which sell for $140. (Folded size is 5 feet.)

We are now retucucing the price to $120 while supples last.

Cheshire Cheshire

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