January 23, 2011
Short Trip to Dubai
Welcome to Dubai

It has been about 12 years since I visited Dubai and I was excited to be going back. This small emirate has blossomed lately with seven-star hotels, man-made islands shaped like palm trees, huge sky scrapers, and massive shopping malls.

The kite event too was planned with first-class Dubai style. Here's part of the official release.

"Dubai International Kite Festival is one of the biggest and most unique Kite Festivals which will happen for the first time in UAE. It will showcase some of the best kite flyers from around the world: Gomberg Kite Team (USA), Team Mangalore (India), Buhamad Kite Team (Kuwait)."

"Kites of all shapes and sizes will be on display including some massive character and theme based kites.It would be an annual gathering of all the kite lovers. The Kite Festival will have workshops where people can learn everything from making kites to flying them. "

"Under the patronage of ‘Dubai Shopping Festival' we are sure that ‘Dubai International Kite Festival' will popularize kite flying as an exciting outdoor activity among youngsters in UAE. "

So we were scheduled to fly out at 7:30 am. A weekend of sun, fun and adventure. Beautiful beaches, perfect winds, appreciative crowds, and wonderful hospitality. Only one small problem. At seven -- half an hour before we left the house, we got word the event had been cancelled. So we never went. Short trip indeed! Almost like we never left!


All packed and dressed up and nowhere to go... Susie took me to lunch.

The kites are still in their travel bags and we have been told the festival is being re-scheduled. So I still hope to post a Dubai report soon. But next time, I won't tell all of you until I get back!

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We've been looking for a fun and creative bug inflatable for years. And finally, at one of the big European festivals, we found him!

Meet ZumZum, designed by Christian "Pumuckel" Laskowski and Alexandra Ruger of Germany. He's got big bug eyes, a happy smile, fluttering wings, and a cute little stinger.

ZumZum ZumZum ZumZum

At about five feet tall, you can stack up a swarm. Or check back after the new year and we'll have a larger BigBug size.

Available in your choice of colors for $200 each. Order before the end of January, and mention the Update for a 20% discount.


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