January 11, 2011
R/W/B Bag Sale!

I've got a big bag here stuffed with red/black/white line laundry. Great stuff, of course. But I just haven't been able to fly any lately. Instead, we've been filling the skies with animals and other new inflatables.

I hate to see a good kite grow musty. So if you'd like to air any of these out, I'll take off 50% of the purchase price. Good deal - good colors - great show! And if you aren't 100% happy, just sned them back. Here's what we have.


The Jellyfish is a spinning windsock with six long tapering cones. The combined effect is a whirling helix of color that one spectator described as"fairies dancing in the sky".

We have two of the 28 footers. List price is $150 each. Buy the paif for $150.

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The big, dramatic spikes rotate slowly to create an impression unlike anything you have seen on a kite line.

We are making Starbursts in two sizes -- a 12 spike and a 24 spike. Each spike is three feet deep so that the smaller model is about ten feet tall and the larger one a huge eighteen feet.

We have two of the smaller Starbursts - normally $125 each. Now buy the pair for the same price. Or get the larger one, normally $250, for just $125.

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He's just like our popular Bug Bouncer, but different.

These irresistible ground bouncers inflate through side flaps and then quiver as the wind blows around them. Heavier bottom panels keep them from rolling over dead. And the Urchin, as you'd expect, has spines.

This is the four foot model. Normally $40. Now $20.

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Bubble Tubes

Our Bubble Tubes are big, bouncy, and a great value too.

Each piece has an opening diameter of 12 inches and the bubbles stretch to two feet. The three ball model is about 17 feet.

We've got three pieces in the bag. List price is $70 each. Get the tripple set for $105.

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Bubble Tubes with Pilot 75

Pillow Tubes

Pillow Tubes were designed exclusively for GKPI by Frank Schwiemann of Germany.

We have three of the Square Pillows with four sections. Buy the set for $75.

We also have three of the triangular Tripple Pillows. Buy the set for $50.

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Tri Pillows

Spikey Bubble Tubes

Just like the Bubble Tubes -- but with spikes. I guess that's why we called them Spikey Bubble Tubes...

We have one with three balls. List price is $85. Your cost is $45.

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Spikey Bubbles

Snake Tails

You can't argue with simplicty! The 50 foot Snake is our most popular tube. Perfect addition to almost any (red) kite!

We have two in the bag. List price is $50. You get both for that same $50.

Snake Tails

Spikey Balls

Our most popular windsock! We have a set of three - two red and one white.

THis trio has been well loved. List price is $35 each.We'l lsell you the three-piece set for $40.

Spikey Balls

Meanwhile, like many of you, I'm struggling to lose a few extra pounds that found me during the holidays. Here's a reprise of a column I posted a few years back that may help.

December 30, 2008
New Year Weight Loss

I came across an odd statistic earlier today. Kite flying, I'm told, burns 210 calories per hour.

Exercising -- 210 calories....

Who calculates these things?? And what do they know about kiting anyway?

I mean, is an hour maneuvering a Rev the same as holding down a 252? Is a seven foot Ghost as demanding as a eleven footer?

Do you burn more calories when kids are on the field?? Because I sure sweat more!

Just for fun, I went and looked up calorie counts for other activities.

  • Gardening - 432
  • Horse Riding - 584
  • Playing Frisbee - 288
  • Housework - 318
  • Golf - 336
  • Watching TV - 90
  • Driving a Car - 180
  • Swimming - 544
  • Sky Diving - 318
  • Dancing - 436
  • Playing with Children - 272
  • Sex - 140
Successful Aerobic Workout!.

I still don't get it. Sitting on a horse takes more effort than swimming? Falling through the sky suspended from a parachute takes the same energy as vacuuming and cleaning windows? An hour of sex? What is that - 10 minutes of exercise after 50 minutes of begging??

Anyway, if the holidays have stretched your waistband, tell your partner you need some exercise equipment and pick up some new kites! And remember, 90 minutes of kiting is the same as 60 minutes of house cleaning...

Have a happy, safe, and memorable New Year!

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