December 20, 2010
Air Banners

Prepare to think creatively!

Here is your chance to send a message, promote your business, or better yet, to create an entirely new business! You can do it all with AirBanners.

You have all seen those beach promotions where an airplane drags a sign up and down the coast delivering a message to hundreds of thousands of people. Air Banners does the same thing -- without the cost of an airplane!

Air Banners Air Banners Air Banners

Air Banner kits include letters, numbers and transitional sections that allow the set to be displayed under a larger kite. We even include the kite for you! Letters and spaces fit together with specially designed clips that allow you to change the message whenever you like.

Loft your banners in the wind, tow them behind a watercraft, hang them across a street, or attach a helium balloon on windless days

Air Banners Air Banners Air Banners

Gomberg Kite Productions is pleased to be the first US distributor of Air Banner promotional products. We have three packages available.

  • Smaller Message - a letter package consisting of 10 letters, 2 spaces, an 8m Air Banner Lifter, line and everything you need to fly. Just supply an anchor and some wind! All this for $699. Additional letters are $30 each
  • Larger Message - same as above but 20 letters instead of 10 for $999. Allows a bigger message and a bit more flexibility.
  • Business Package - You get 104 letters and the ability to make any variety of messages. Change the wording for any occasion, event, or client. The cost for the entire package set is $2,700. This includes the lifter kite and transition triangles for the top and bottom of the banner plus a sleeve for storage. Additional letters are $25 each.

    Note: Letter sets are made and shipped from New Zealand. A shipping charge of $175 for smaller sets and $250 will be applied to all orders.

Use the Air Banner system to advertise an event, celebrate special occasions, or promote a business. Select a small or large package for a single message or regular display. Order the larger set to vary messages or rent out a message show.

Air Banners are a unique and revolutionary new form of outdoor adverting. There’s simply no more cost effective way to reach your audience.

Air Banners Air Banners Air Banners

The entire Air Banners presentation is created from individual letters so you can display different messages quickly and without large printing costs. The incredible flexibility of Air Banners means that you can change your message time and time again.

The wind is a great source of eco friendly energy, which allows a kite to lift the banner high into the air. Helium balloons also offer an excellent platform for allowing the Air Banners to be attached below. To cover beaches or a waterfront, towing the Air Banners behind a watercraft produces an exclusive advertising surface This is a great way to target summer beach resort towns or water events in a revolutionary and new advertising direction. Add a large festive kite for more attention! Air Banners can also be permanently attached between buildings to brighten up a busy street and display your special message.

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Air Banner FAQs

How do they stay in the air?
Air Banners are held in the air by a kite, helium balloon, hot air balloon or strung between buildings over the street. We have also developed a system to tow the Air Banners behind a Jet-ski or power boat.

What colors are the Air Banners?
The standard color is black, in order to stand out with various backgrounds (clouds, blue sky, buildings, trees etc). Custom colors can be produced to suit your requirements.

How high can they fly?
How long is your string? You can fly the Air Banners 500 to 1000 feet. But we recommend, and supply 300ft of flying line which is sufficient for most areas.

What are they made of?
The Air Banners are made from a specialized lightweight polyester fabric which has strong UV resistance and is finished with a water proof coating.

Can I add in my own logo or graphics into the banner?
Absolutely! Graphics are a great way to personalize your message. Email your logo or graphics and we'll provide a price quote.

What happens to the banner after the display?
Take your banner down, detach the letters, and store the package for your next event.

How do you assemble the letters?
They are connected by special attachment clips.

What happens when there's no wind?
You can fly them below a helium balloon, hot air balloon, or hang them between buildings. We have developed a unique winch system which allows the Air Banners to be flown behind a Jetski or power boat. The speed of the Jetski creates enough wind for the kite to fly in zero wind conditions and allows the Air Banner to fly along the coast.

Do I need to be an expert at flying kites?
No. However, some general wind knowledge or kiting experience does come in handy.

Where is a good place to fly them?
Kites like clean wind. Trees and power lines are not good. Parks and beaches are great. But the best place to launch an Air Banner is in front of a huge crowd!

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