November 16, 2010
Claudio Capelli Showcase

The international festival in Dieppe, France, did something delightful this year.

From around the world, they collected, borrowed, and begged more than two dozen magnificent kites painted by Italian artist Claudio Capelli. The kites were showcased in City Hall and mesmerized assembled kiters during the Mayor's reception.

Later in the week, I came back and took photos to share with all of you.


Capelli paints faces in the classic Italian style. Most of the kites are large -- seven to ten feet. And the expressions simply glow off the fabric. The commentary accompanying the gallery, explains, "If Claudio painted only faces on his kites, it's because he wants to believe, just like the Eastern ones, that the sky is inhabited and that kites that he met are there windows which make possible the spirits to see us."

Capelli Kites Capelli Kites Capelli Kites Capelli Kites Capelli Kites Capelli Kites Capelli Kites Capelli Kites Capelli Kites Capelli Kites Capelli Kites

Capelli prefers to see his art in the sky rather than in a gallery. So at the end of the week, the display was closed and the kite brought to the field. It was a magnificent show with kiters from around the world cooperating to fly the creations of one of our friends.

Dieppe Kites Dieppe Kites Dieppe Kites Capelli Kites

The Artevento webpage writes..."in 1981 Claudio Capelli, skilled as a fine artist, was with an organization that started the Cervia International Kite festival". The website continues to say..."Since then he, his family and his friends continuously improve the environment that makes it possible for all kind of kite artists to meet together. Nowadays the Artevento Festival is an important International Kite Festival with the special atmosphere of friendship and creativity."

Capelli Kites Capelli Kites

Bucket Tube

It is difficult to talk about our line "art" in the same breath as we describe the wonderful works of Claudio Capelli. But with that apology, we're offering a ten day "Art Sale".

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