November 10, 2010
Blustery Cape Fear

Wrightsville Beach

It's funny. Last year, I described Cape Fear as perfect -- unless you want to fly kites. The same could be said this year, for completely opposite reasons. Last year we had practically no wind; this year we had a bit too much....

Wrightsville Beach is has become the traditional end of our flying season. This was the fifth time the Wilmington gathering had been organized Mike and Judy Agner. And once again, the sky was a bright Carolina blue.

It is a great beach and a casual fly. No schedule. No marked fields. No worries. No problems.

So what if the winds were bouncing from 15 to 20.

The King's life size Blue Whale dominated the field. This is a huge kite -- 100 feet long. Jeff and Joyce commissioned the kite, we produced it, and Peter Lynn Ltd made it. For Cape Fear, we were able to add two smaller "calf's" as well. All three in the sky made for a wondrous sight.

Whales Whales Lion Cub

Since the Agners are big kite fliers, it makes sense that larger kites dominated the festival. We had Octopus, Squd, Crabs, Crocodiles, Cuttle Fish, and a plethora of large lifters and tails.

Croc Squid Elephant Crab Diver Cuttle

Saturday night, we gathered at the Agners for a fine social night of relaxation. Then it was back to the beach to get pounded again.

Large GKPI inflatables were not the only kites on the beach. There was a bevy of vented Revs dancing in the gusty winds, lots of banners and ground bouncers, and some huge custom kit kites over on the edge.

Click here for a brief video compiled by Laura Podlasek.

What's Jeff pointing at?? He may have just noticed where Jim Martin's octopus disappeared to....

We're back in Oregon now and planning to stay here a few weeks. Traveling is a great and rewarding adventure. But the best flight is the one that brings you home.

CF Kiters

The New Schlenger Turtles are Now Available!

Click on the photo for other colors.

This German inflatable from Meik Schlenger is one of the best new creations we've seen in the sky!

Lots of extra details make the appearance and performance exceptional.

Turtles are available in your choice of colors and measure about ten feet long. Fly one or stack them up!! Priced at $600 each. Order before the end of November and take 20% off when you mention the Update.

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