September 27, 2010
A Whale of a Time in Ocean City!

The thousands of people strolling the Boardwalk couldn't miss it. How could anyone miss a full size, 100 foot long Blue Whale floating over the beach??

Jeff and Joyce King commissioned this incredible kite several months ago and we sent the request off to Peter Lynn Ltd in New Zealand. The result was a stunning, lifelike kite that would fly, breach, and dive on the wind currents.

Blue Whale

The kite was so large that we used a full size Manta Ray as a Pilot. When the wind came up, it took the entire team to bring "Mel" down!

Whale Whale Whale

SunFest traditionally provides a big end to the summer season in Ocean City. It includes a large art fair, music, and a kite show. Our performance team this year included Tom and Debbie Zack, Mike and Judy Agner, Dennis Hawley, Jim Martin, Jeff Burka, Jeff and Joyce King, and myself.


We anchored the south end of the beach -- right in line with the KiteLoft web cam. Further north were demonstration fields, Revolution teams, art kites, banners, and a few other large kites.

On Sunday, KiteLoft organized a auction of used show gear, demo products, stock reductions, and kites that needed a bit of care or repair. Everyone found bargains and treasures.

Mel the Whale was not the only aquatic being introduced in OC. I also brought out the two new Tatooed Fish that I had carried home from France.

The Fish have the same overall size impression as other maxi inflatables. But theyy haved less bulk or appendages which results in less fabric and thus less weight. It also means a lower price. While other full size inflatables are now priced around $4700 (because of the exchange rate), the fish can be had new for closer to $3900. And these two slightly used ones are $6500 for both!

Tatoo Fish


As expected, By Sunday, SunFest stopped being sunny.

After four days of bright skies and smooth winds, the clouds arrived and we were faced with stronger winds and occasional rain.

One passerby was overheard remarking -- "Look! They turned the kites the other way today!!". Not everyone understands a wind shift.

Monday morning the team disbursed. Mike and Judy turned their car south. Jim had left the night before. Dennis was off to breakfast with the Kings. Al I and I stuffed gear in the rental car and headed for the airport in Baltimore.

The next few weeks will continue to be busy. Susie and I are doing Seal Beach and then Lincoln City. The Kings, Hawley, and Burka will be busy in the South East. Al will be in Denver for One Sky. Mike and Judy are flying for us at a music festival in San Francisco. Then comes AKA and immediately after, South Africa. Life is busy but good!

If you plan to be in Lincoln City before the Convention, let us know. We're hosting a small gathering at the house Sunday Night. Love to see you!

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