September 13, 2010
Dieppe - the One in France

I'm back in Dieppe for the huge international festival on the northern coast of France. This is their 30th anniversary (the festival is every two years). I believe I've been here for the past ten of them covering 20 years.

Organizers tell us that 750,000 people are expected to visit over the next ten days.

Dieppe Crowd

Many events pride themselves in broad international participation. Dieppe is the most successful. Forty countries have pavilions and displays of their traditional kites made by their best or most famous kiters. And that provides for a wonderful presentation of the many differences and similarities the our rich global kite culture has to offer.

Here is a look at some of the national exhibits.

Switzerland Taiwan Malaysia Japan Italy Israel Indonesia Denmark Cambodia Viet Nam Equador Colombia China South Africa Brasil Holland Canada Phillipines

The flying will continue for ten days. Large kites are out on the beach while art kites fill the grassy lawn area between the water and the first row of hotels. In the tents, there are kite art exhibits, children's programs, aerial photography shows, and cultrual projects.

For years, American fliers had difficulty participating in Dieppe. The pavilions are assigned to invited guests. And while those guests were happy to share the limited space, it was always awkward to impose on them.

AKA Booth

Several years back, I approached the event on behalf of AKA and asked if the American Club could have a tent alongside the other national organizations. This gave our non-sponsored fliers a place to congregate and the club an opportunity to present a national impression. The result now is that AKA has the largest space of any club at the festival. There are a dozen members staffing the tents where we present kites, maps, magazines, and a video of Connor Doran from America Got Talent.

Check back next week and I'll show you some of the incredible kites being flown.

Here are some shots of the first flight of the new full size Blue Whale. This is a wonderfully realistic kite commissioned by Jeff and Joyce King, produced through GKPI, and made by Peter Lynn Ltd.
Whale Whale Whale

You can see it yourself at Sunfest or Cape Fear later this Fall.

We've already ordered three of the mid-size pieces. Call if you'd like your name put on one of them.

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