September 6, 2010
Can't Bear to Just Fly Octopus

I've just spent two great flying days at our D-River Wayside. Sun. Perfect wind. Friendly people. I must have had fun because I hurt all over. For some reason, carrying kite bags around in the soft sand was easier ten years ago....

Beach Fun

Each weekend between now and October 9th, we'll have big kites up on the beach in front of our flagship store.

If you are in the area, come down and join Dale Ray, the Thralls, the Hertz, the Tislows, or the Littles.

Open flying here is actually more relaxing than festival performances and you get to talk to some really interesting people.

If you are up to it, you also get to play "kite coach" and explain that the corners of diamonds should lean back, not forward, and that the rods in deltas must slide down to the bottom corners. Of course, no one was having those problems with our G-Kites! ;)

I flew three Octopus on Saturday and then lofted a set of matching bears and Octopus Sunday. Lots of phots were taken and plenty of guests stopped by to thank us for the show.

Our base for weekend kite shows is the fabulous Odysius Hotel. It is a small, elegant inn with romantic rooms, free wine tasting each evening, and breakfast delivered to your door each morning. Plus you can see the kite field!

October 9-10 we're having the Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival here. Stop by on your way to AKA in Seaside (90 minutes north). Odysius has some kite specials that weekend:

  • Fall Kite Festival Weekend stay 3 days at 30% off of a Deluxe Guest Room = $136.50 per night double occupancy (reg. $195 per night)
  • Flying High Beach Party stay 2 nights, Ocean View Deluxe Guest Room, includes Saturday Prime Rib Dinner (for two), Live Auction, and Dancing for $155 per night double occupancy.
  • Blue and Gold

    Thursday I fly out for Dieppe (France). We're also doing Sunfest and Seal Beach before the end of the month. Should be good fun!

    Part of the reason my muscles ached all weekend was that we off loaded a container of kites Friday morning. Included was a delivery of our two new soft stunters designed by Christoph Fokken.

    The Ruckus fliees like T-Bird - lots of power and speed. The Riot is more like a Porche - sleek and quiet, but smooth and fast. Order either before September 15 and take off 20%. Just remember to mention the Update!

    The Ruckus

    Looking for great flying fun?? Raise a Ruckus! This is a high performance, maneuverable airfoil kite. It flies fast, pulls hard, and turns quick. The Ruckus is definitely a great workout in stronger winds.

    Available in three sizes:

    • 0.5 -- 42 x 20 in. (75 ft of 50 lb line) $49
    • 1.0 -- 60 x 30 in. (75 ft of 150 lb line) $75
    • 1.5 -- 72 x 36 in. (75 ft of 200 lb line) $95

    Ruckus Colors

    The Ruckus

    The Ruckus

    • Fast and Responsive
    • Collapse Resistant
    • Ripstop Construction
    • Lines and Straps Included

    The Ruckus was designed to be easy to launch, fun to fly, precise, and collapse resistant.

    The Riot

    Fast, powerful, and responsive -- it's a Riot of fun!

    Available in three sizes:

    • Model 1: 71 in. / 1.8m (75 ft of 140 lb line) $99
    • Model 2: 86 in. / 2.6m (75 ft of 200 lb line) $140
    • Model 3: 102 in. / 2.8m (75 ft of 270 lb line)$175

    Riot Colors

    The Ruckus

    You will get remarkable pull from these quick dual-line airfoils. The partially closed leading edge makes them faster and more powerful than other soft stunters. Use a Riot for traction or kitesurf training, or just for fun on a breezy day.

    The Riot

    • Remarkable Power
    • Fast and Responsive
    • Collapse Resistant
    • Lines and Straps Included

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