August 25, 2010
Full Skies and Full Schedules in Long Beach
Morning Show

Eight o'clock in the morning, and the sky over Long Beach is already filling. From my hotel window, I can see the big Suttons lifting off and inflatables filling in below.

The ground rules out there are simple. Before 10 a.m., you get any two anchors. After that, you can launch wherever and whenever you like.

Anchors are pre-set by the city so there is no digging involved. Just clip in and take off!

There are four main arenas at the Washington State International Kite Festival. North of Bolstad Street is where the larger kites and international guests fly. Many of the families who have graced our Lincoln City skies are out there -- Tislows, Hertz, Littles, Lees, Paulsen, Slaters, Taubers, Bohn, Thrall.

This year they are joined by friends Bernhard Dingwirth and Meik (Mike) Schlenger of Germany. The "Drachen Brothers" launch forty kites on Friday!


Immediately south of Bolstad, groups set up banner displays. The fields there are supported by a sound system and focus on competition, demonstrations, and events. The schedule is full and different each day. Further down the beach, Fighter Kite fliers gather for their own week-long competitions.

The next beach access south is Syd Snyder Drive and something new is going on there.

Rev fliers have gathered from around the country and the world to set a new mega-fly record. They launch in groups of four and slowly form into a grid pattern -- eight high and eight wide. John Barresi directs the action.

Soon there are 64 kites in the air and the fliers begin a series of slow and methodical maneuvers. It is a remarkable sight!

64 Revs

The sense on the beach is that there are fewer kiters here this year. Perhaps it is the economy. Or maybe the pending AKA Convention in Oregon has forced people with limited vacations to choose one or the other. Maybe we're just spreading the fliers over more fields and more WSIKF activities.

The bottom line is that we had a couple of pristine flying days, lofted plenty of fabric, and made lots of people smile.

I'm home a few days and then off to Dieppe (the one in France) on the 9th. Between now and then, we're expecting our Summer container to dock so we can fill the warehouse -- and a few back orders as well. If you are waiting for something, it should be on the way by September 5th.


Meik and Bernhard came back to the house Sunday night and took a quick tour of the Oregon Coast Monday. Their Turtles, Frogs, Lighthouses, and Parrots had been a huge hit in Long Beach.

Order any of their kites before we leave for France and we'll take 20% off!

Oh - -and about those Turtles, they have been licensed to GKPI and the first shipment is expected in September. We expect the price to be $600. Pre-order one now and you get the 20% too!

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