July 20, 2010
Southern Oregon Kite Fest in Brookings

So would you rather fly all day, or fly for just ten minutes and get tons of attention from the announcer and spectators??

If you said "Give me the spotlight", then Brookings is the event for you. Fliers take turns on the small field doing demos and walk-thoughs. If you have lots of kites, then the other fliers help out to put a show together.

Rev Show

It isn't often that spectators show up early at a kite event to reserve the best spot on the sidelines. But Brookings brings out a regular and attentive crowd who bring their own chairs and stay all day.

Rok Show

Of course, sport kiters are used to doing demos and getting lots of attention. Special guests teams were IQuad, Too Much Fun, and an abbreviated SunDowners. Sport kiters included Al Washington, Nathan Ostovar, Gary MacEachern, Penny Lingenfelter, Ron Despojado, Steve Blasdale, Amy Doran, Connor Doran, Susan Shampo, and Al Stroh.

Spikey Crowns

Kite artists were Ron and Sandy Gibian, John and Mary Gaby, Bazz Poulter, Ronda Brewer and Lindsey Johnson, Rod and Cindy Thrall, and the Gombergs. Announcing all weekend long, was well handled by Arnold Stellema.

Devil(s) Ron Bazzer TKB

My own showcase demos included our Kabuki Roks, a flock of Ghosts, Spikey Crown races, and a walk-though of the big Devil.

The Southern Oregon Kite Festival is held at the Port of Brookings Harbor, on the third weekend of July. This year marks the 18th time the kite festival has been held in this seaside community. The gathering has grown into one of the largest invitational kite events in the United States.


Every invited flier is a guest of the community. Generous donations from businesses and individuals provide transportation, meals, and lodging. Saturday night, a banquet and auction helps raise additional funds.

In recent years, the showcase has tended to emphasize the maneuverable kites more and the single-line show has suffered by comparison. In all fairness, the winds have tended to the light side which makes sport kiting a more practical show. And to their credit, the multi-line fliers were always happy to walk kites through when the art kiters took a turn.

With a plethora of kite art talent in the Northwest, I hope to see more fliers on display next year. More kites and kiters will only make a good show even better!

Susie and I are off to Berkeley in two weeks. I'll be flying in Lincoln City next weekend. If you'd like to join me on the beach, drop me an email.

Bucket Tube

Check out our new Bucket Tubes!

Buckets have been used as tails to stabilize larger kites for years. But their decorative qualities have not been fully realized until we added a striped opening and a long black tube at the back.

Choose rainbow or design something special with custom colors.

This fun piece of line art measures roughly 12 feet. Add one to your line for $35. Or mention you saw it on the Update between now and the end of July to save 20%

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