July 7, 2010
Cabo -- a Perfect Escape

Imagine the perfect kite festival.

Nice people. Flexible schedule.

Wide open beaches. Smooth winds. Clear, sunny skies.

Exotic destination but easy and affordable to get to.

Interesting kites.

All Inclusive

Now, stretch you imagination to include a luxury, all-inclusive hotel-resort.

Want a drink? No problem. Oh, and no charge. Refills all around? No problem, Sir.

Meals are gourmet buffets. Or you can have room service bring something up for you. No problem. No Charge. All inclusive. The only rule is you have to be done with lunch in time for dinner.

What could be better than that? How about a gracious and generous host that takes everyone to Ruth Chris Steak House the final night??

Our quick trip to Cabo was just that perfect.

Barry and Karen Ogletree organized the outing as a gathering for many of their online KiteBuilder friends. In some cases, we didn't even know each other's real names until people sat down for a drink. But after four or five Margaritas, we were bonding pretty well.

Bonding Posing Resort

The base was the Presidente Intercontinental. And it was as relaxing a kite event as any I've ever seen.

Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites Cabo Kites

Winds were lighter than expected and the show was modest. There were few really large kites and a couple of maneuverables. No sound system. And no kids wandering uninvited among the lines. We slept late, flew when we felt like it, and than sat in the shade catching up on .... reading.

Would I go back? Of course! I can't imagine a better event!!

Photos courtesey of assorted Cabo Kiters.

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