June 7, 2010
Ocean Shores - Trailers on the Beach

OS Sky

Normally, we use Pilots as lifters when we put a show in the sky. But imagine the scene in Ocean Shores when Team Suspended Animation rolls up and uses Sutton 450's with 150 foot streamers.

What you get is a massive ceiling with a huge inflatable show below and a compact menagerie of flying colors.

Suspended Animation includes the Hertzs, Tislows, Tislows (the other ones), Littles, Lees, and Dale Ray. (Dale is also a GKPI flier). Ed Paulssen also added to the effort.

In Washington, you can drive on the beach. So everyone shows up towing trailers stuffed with gear, accessories, tents, and food. That means six families, four trailers, and more large flying show kites than any other group of fliers in the country.

Trailers  Trailers Trailers Trailers

Saturday morning, the winds were light and bumpy coming from onshore. All of us stalled on dragging bags from the downwind edge of the field and digging anchors. Sure enough, at noon, the wind abruptly turned around and blew clean off the water. The show went into the air.

Further up the beach, there was a sport kite competition. But I never got to see any of those performances. There was an amazing show right where I was!

Festival Kites Festival Kites Festival Kites Festival Kites

Here's a big thank-you to Cutting Edge Kites for continuing to organize this fine NorthWest event.

Next weekend, we're taking two days off and heading for the Burka/Bernstein wedding in Washington D.C. Then we are off to St. Honore in Quebec to see friends, fly kites, and fight those nasty bugs they have up there.

See you on a kite field somewhere!


I've got Mid-Sized Crabs in blue or red and CuttleFish in warm or cool.

List price is $1800. But we'll let this great showpieces go for $1400 if you order before June 20.

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