May 18, 2010
Ocean City -- Two Places at Once

OC Octos

They say you can't be in two places at once. But that's not really true. While I was in Japan, Susie was in Ocean City with a great group doing another show.

Jay at the Kite Loft invited GKPI to help with large kites at MIKE - the Maryland International Kite Exposition. Further down the beach, there were sport kite competitions, art kites, and a demo by IQUAD. But opposite Shannanigans and the live beach cam, it was all big inflatables.

The team included Jeff Burka and Mark Bernstein, Dennis Hawley, Jeff and Joyce King, and Tim Maruczack. Susie also brought Dale Ray from Washington, and Mike and Jackie Oswald from here in Oregon.

Festival Kites Festival Kites

Flying was great on Saturday and I'm told the rainbow Octopus and Dragon were big hits. Sunday, it looked like rain and lightening were on the agenda and the beach cleared. Jay told the fliers that the coast was clear -- quite literally - but folks were still hesitant to risk packing wet, sandy kites for the airport, or worse, to take a chance on injuries. So a few kites went up but it wasn't nearly as big and colorful as the day before. At one point, I checked the beach cam and there simply wasn't anything there.

Festival Scenes Festival Scenes Festival Scenes Festival Scenes

Gomberg Kites enjoys a special relationship with the Kite Loft and is happy to support their events. We look forward to Sunfest in September and plan to return with the MIKE crew as well of some of the guys that went to Japan.

We've got a busy schedule for the next few weeks.

We head for Grand Haven, Michigan, on Friday and the Great Lakes Kite Festival. A few days later, we fly out again for Wildwood and their 25th annual celebration in New Jersey.

June will include a drive up to Ocean Shores in Washington, and a flight to Quebec for St Honore. We pause with the Lincoln City Summer Kite Festival here at home and then wrap up with a trip to Cabo for a unique kite gathering in Mexico.

And if that weren't enough, we're squeezing in a trip to the Burka/Berstein wedding too! See you out there somewhere!

OC Kites

Let's go on Safari!

Thanks to the delightful design work of Pedro and Estaban Gonzalez, we're now offering four African Animal Foils.

Safari Safari Safari Safari

We've got the Zebra, the Giraffe, the Hippo and the Elephant.

The Elephant is the largest -- 13 feet wide -- and stable enough to work as a lifter. The long trunk stretches to 25 feet. Each of the other kites is about 9 feet tall and includes a black tube and drogue.

Choose any one of these large pieces for $550. Order three and take off 20%

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