March 31, 2010
Flying Indoors in LC

Indoor kite flying? The notion is so non-intuitive that the press release for our annual event in Lincoln City was actually read last Thursday by Jimmy Fallon on his Late Night show. Maybe he thought the idea was funny. I emailed the producers and asked if they wanted some of our performers on the program but didn't hear back....

The Lincoln City Indoor Kite Festival is now in its seventh year.

This is not just a competition, but a multi-faceted event with workshops, instruction, demonstrations, ranked competition, and a huge choreographed show.

The show includes music, lights, sets, dancing, acrobatics, and and a scripted program featuring a dozen of the best indoor fliers from around the Northwest and the Country.

Rehersal meeting

Performers included Lee and Debbi Park, Penny Lingenfelter, Jerry Cannon, Paul de Bakker, Jerimy and Zach Colbert, Wayne Turner, Scott Weider, Lisa Willoughby, Jeff Reed, Amy and Connor Doran, and Tristan Underwood. Bob Wendt was the weekend announcer. Click here to visit the event web page.

Indoor Performers Indoor Performers Indoor Performers Indoor Performers

Indoor Performers Indoor Performers Indoor Performers Indoor Performers

I think this program was the best of the past several years. Performers moved on and off the stage in a fluid continuous and artistic manner. that meshed well with the program theme. There were no stars or stand-outs. Everyone was a star and a stand-out.

Double click on the links below for a few small video impressions.

It is cold and rainy on the Oregon Coast. Sunday, the wind rushed in a 50 mph and the waves turned frothy. Perfect weather for an indoor kite festival!

I'll spend the next week working on repairs to the Giant Devil which burst-on-impact in Thailand. Then I'm off to France and the World Sport Kite Championships.

Heavy winds on the Oregon Coast?? That's not news! But what to fly???

The 75 square foot Bulldog was designed tough with durable 1.5 ounce sailcloth and reinforced edging. Deep cells and a low aspect ratio allow it to inflate quickly, lift more gear, and stay aloft in varying winds. Extra tabs along the trailing edge make attaching extra tails easy.

Keels sewn to the face of the kite maintain lateral stability. The main flying line is attached to a strong multi-legged bridle ststem.

Bulldogs were originally developed for lifting the famed beach shows on the Oregon Coast. Daily performances required easy handling and long-term dependability. Sparless construction means easy storage and transport.

Available in rainbow, warm, or cool color combinations for $350 each. Order before we leave for France on the 8th and get 20% off!

Rainbow Warm Cool

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