March 8, 2010
Almost to Austin


We left the house at 4 a.m. headed for the airport and our annual visit to the Zilker Kite festival in Austin. An hour later we got the call. Bad weather had forced a delay to the rain date. We turned the car around and headed home.

We always enjoy Zilker. But better to get a bit more work done before the Thailand trip, than to sit around getting kites wet. Hope all of you down there have a YEE-HAW good time next weekend.

Kite X-ing

The sun was out and the wind blowing smooth on the beaches here. And since the bags were already packed, I took a few new pieces down to the sand to air them out.

First up was a Sanders Sign.

These are the fun road signs from Australia that fly like champs individually, or in stacks with a lifter. We've been wondering what would make a good message, and someone suggested "Kite X-ing".

Got lots of fun comments from beach-walkers Saturday.

Next out was a delightful ground bouncer that just arrived from New Zealand.

Originally designed by Jan O'Loughlin of Australia, these beach cars are based on a Spyder convertible and essentially has a tube running from the top thru to the base allowing someone to 'get in'. There is no steering wheel built into the design, but as you can see, you don't need one to have fun. (Click the photo for a view from behind.)

Road signs are priced at $300 and come in three styles -- round, square, and diamond. The new Porche is $850. We have a red one and a blue one on hand right now.



And finally, Saturday afternoon, when I should have been in Texas, I heard back from the folks that had ordered a few kites for a commercial shoot back in September. Check out the print ads and store brochures for the new Sienna. You'll find there a family on the beach flying an Octopus and Skyform/Streamer combo. Pretty cool!

Susan and I are off to Thailand on Tuesday. Wish is luck! The trips haven't been going so well lately.,... ;)

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