January 11, 2010
Oregon Kitemakers Retreat

Kitemaking retreats are a great opportunity for people to meet, share ideas, and learn from each other. Experienced and advanced designers perfect their skills and teach othes. Novice kite builders garner the experience and confidence they need to start making their own kites. And everyone comes home from the weekend with something new.

OKR Work Space OKR Work Space OKR Work Space OKR Work Space

There are several great weekend workshops around the country. And one is just up the road from us here in Oregon. Oregon Kitemakers Retreat is held annually in Rockaway. Usually it is a chilly, wet, windblown weekend. But this year, it was practically balmy on the beach.

I'm not a avid kitemaker myself. Instead I tend to send designs to the factory for production. But I enjoy seeing kitemakers at work and so drive up to the gathering whenever I can.

OKR Work Space OKR Work Space OKR Work Space OKR Work Space OKR Work Space

This was year 17 for the OKR. Presenters included locals like Deb Cooley teaching about banners, Ken Tumminia making line art, and Jerimy Colbert crafting mobiles. Out-of-staters included a Dragon kite by Arnold Stellema, a Hata by Gail Lindsay, and a Sode by Sam King. The special international guest was Phil Scarfe teaching his trademark Flowform.

We're hard at work this week re-formatting the Mall Store for 2010 and prepping for the Kite Trade Convention which begins next Tuesday. That means Monday we head for Primm Nevada. We'll have a full report on all the industry news when we return.

We've finally gotten around to dusting off our Show Kite catalog.

A full list of our show products is posted to the web page and that's the best place to see the newest stuff. But the catalog is an easy download if you need a field reference and contains the most popular and interesting kites, tails, line art and bouncers. So print out a copy if you like!

Our G-Kite products are available to all stores. But the Show Kite line are only offered to stores that we have worked with and who have staff to support these larger and more powerful kites.

Show Kite Catalog
Click here to Download
the GKPI Show Kite Catalog

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