January 5, 2010
G-Kites 2010

In about ten days, we'll be headed for the Kite Trade Convention in Primm Nevada. As you know, this is the annual kite industry gathering where store owners and manufacturers get together to review strategies, check out new products, and place Spring orders.

We've just wrapped up the new G-Kite catalog and are happy to unveil it for you here.

G-KITES is a collection of simple to exotic kites and accessories. Products and prices have been designed to appeal to both beginning and more advanced kite consumers. And because first and foremost, we are kite fliers ourselves, everything is tested for ease of flight and durability.

We support local stores and encourage you to shop with them. Our G-Kites subsidiary is focused on products best suited for that retail market. These kites and line art originate from some of the best experienced and creative kiters in the world.

G-Kite Catalog
Click here to Download
the G-Kite Catalog

New stuff? We've got tough BullDog parafoils, the high-tech Fled (for lifting cameras), and the edgy DeadGuy Softie. Loft the new Double Delta Conyne or the impressive Patchwork Mega Sled. . Or pick up a batch of MiniSpinnies that attach easily to a car antenna.

Double DC
10 ft Double Delta Conyne - $60
Click to see colors
Mega Sled
75 sq ft Mega Sled - $140
Click to see colors
75 sq ft Bulldog - $350
Click to see colors
Mega Sled
Dead Guy Softie - $55
One Color

Pre-order any of the new kites shown above and we'll take 20% off the list price. This offer is good through January 12. Shipment will be ready before the end of January. *Click here for information on how to place an order.

At KTA, we will focus on the G-Kites brand. But Gomberg Kite Productions has also criss-crossed the globe searching for the most interesting and fun-to-fly inflatables. Once licensed for production in our own factory, we've been able to reduce prices, maintain an inventory for immediate shipment, and offer custom colors that can be made in just a few weeks.

We represent more than 25 designers from around the world and have 250 different products on our web pages. GKPI remains the best source for large show kites, line art, and inflatables in your choice of colors. We're looking forward to wkring with you in 2010!

I just received an interesting call.

An old friend is cleaning out his kite shed and found an original Peter Lynn Octopus dating back to the early 1990's. The kite has been flown three times -- on grass, not sand -- and is in pristine condition. Colors are bright pink with black accents.

The interesting part is the size. This one is mid-way between a middi and a maxi. It is 67 feet long and 8 feet wide. The long and narrow size was never put into production so this one is a unique collectible. Asking price is $2750.

If you are interested, drop me a note.

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