November 25, 2009
Thanksgiving Hors d'oeuvres

Several things crossed my desk this week that left me smiling. Here's a few examples.

The Cape Mental Health Annual Review arrived by mail with a photo of an old friend on the cover.

Many of you know that we are patrons of the festival in South Africa and have worked to support their efforts assisting children with intellectual disabilities.

Cape Town

We've known this young flier for five years and watched her grow into a beautiful young lady. She was featured in an Update back in 2004.

Cape Town Cape Town Cape Town

Each year when we bring fliers to Cape Town, we spend a day flying with kids in the Townships who face unimaginable economic and health challenges. Seeing them share the universal kite fliers smile is especially rewarding. We're proud to be affiliated with CMH and the important work they do.

We're planning a trip back in October. Let me know if you are interested.

Some time back, we sent a few kites off to a production company working on a Lexus commercial.

This week we encountered the finished ad online. It features a dream sequence -- interrupted by a "driver attention monitor". I'm sure many of you think about kiting on the road late at night too...

I can't get you a deal on a Lexus. But if you want a white Ghost, give me a call before the end of the month and we'll take 20% off.

And finally, someone sent us this fun gif file. Seemed appropriate with the holidays approaching.

PL Finances

Remember, we still have a year end close out on several large, slightly used, PL show kites. We're selling them for about $1000 below the list price for new kites. Call for details.

Here's the list.

  • Giant Fish - cool
  • Teddy Bear - pirate costume
  • Teddy Bear - blue with tee shirt
  • Cuttle Fish - aqua colors
  • Cuttle Fish - red rainbow

Susie and I are planning a quiet Thanksgiving at home. We have much to be grateful for. Then at midnight, we're helping staff the store for an all-night "Black Friday" sale. (An all-night sale was required by the mall. Who comes up with these crazy marketing ideas??) But if you are in Lincoln City, drop by at 4 a.m. and join us for breakfast!!

December 1st, we're off on Susie's Annual Birthday Trip. We'll be gone though the 7th. If you need something, email us and we'll get the shipping staff to send it out!

Have a wonderful holiday. And Thursday night, get some sleep for us!

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