November 17, 2009
Annual Pilot Sale

Susie is off on her annual Mother/Daughter Holiday. And predictably, a storm landed here last night with winds up to 80 mph. Back East they give storms like that names. Here we just take out our smaller kites....

Pilot Comparisons

Each year we mark down Pilots while Susie is away. This is our most dependable and general purpose lifter. Prices for the next ten days are 20% off.

  • Pilot 1 normally $250 now $200 -- 50 sq feet (6.5x7 ft)
  • Pilot 2 normally $325 now $260 -- 90 sq feet (9x10 ft)
  • Pilot 3 normally $525 now $425 -- 140 sq feet (11.5x12 ft)

And to add to the temptation, we wanted to remind everyone that there are plenty of interesting options and graphics available when you drop custom colors into the standard X-Wing format. We can also do the more traditional solids and stripes or our American Flag motiff.

Pilot Variants

We specialize in making kites not just in "stock" colors, but in whatever graphic combination you like. Production and delivery takes about three weeks.


Simply click on this image and download the template.

Drop in colors from your paint program and send me a graphic of what you want.

We can do the top sail the same as the bottom, or leave it all-white for brighter hues. Click here to see colors available for custom work.

GKPI office will be closed December 1-8 while we are off on Susie's Surprise Birthday Trip. (Email us for Holiday shipments.) You won't believe where we are headed this time!

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