Sander's Signs

October 28, 2009
Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs....

We are delighted to now offer the flying road art of Kevin Sanders from Australia.

Kevin is a wonderfully creative kitist who combines technical proficiency and solid avionics with a light hearted sense of humor. In this case, the result is a series of flying road signs that offer unexpected phrasing.

We're making three styles -- the round sign in red (No Way!), the rectangular sign in blue (Party), and the diamond sign in yellow (Oi! or GiDay!). But we can easily change the colors and even the wording for you. Think fun! Think creative! Think what road signs would say in a perfect world....

Each piece is constructed with a mesh inflation panel, a lifter loop, and a drogue for added stability. Fly them independently or in stacks.

Signs measure 5 feet across and are 25 feet tall, not including the two attached drogues.

A lifter isn't necessary for these able fliers. The loop is added to make it easier to stack pieces in a train of signs. Put one word on each and spell out a message!

Sander's Signs

Sander's Signs

I've flown with Kevin on four continents in the past year, and everywhere we went, the Road Signs were instantly recognized and an immediate hit.

Recently I asked Sanders about the inspiration for the project. Click on this short video for an introduction to the origins of these fine kites and a taste of the fellow that created them.

Each Road Sign is priced at $300. Specify the color, shape, and any special wording you want.

Order between now and November 10, and mention the Update Special for a 20% discount.

Thanks Kevin for a wonderful kite series! GiDay!!

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