October 20, 2009
Flying the Friendly Octopus Skies

As most of you know, Susan and I fly a lot with United Airlines. In fact, we are both "1K" fliers which means 100,000 miles each in the past calendar year.

Frequent fliers get a variety of benefits -- like an extra baggage allowance. We also have a special section on the United web page. Each month they are featuring there, photos and a 1000 word commentary submitted by members.

Here is the winner for October:

Friendly Octopus Skies

"Winners" don't really win anything. But in this case our kites (and our company) get presented to the most seasoned travelers in United's database. And who knows what might come of that...

Here's a screenshot from their page:

Friendly Octopus Skies

Meanwhile, we just got word from New Zealand of some full size PL Giants being liquidated at the end of the year. They are slightly flown but basically in "as new" condition. Prices will be roughly $1000 to $1500 below the list price. If you are interested in any, drop me a note and I'll get you specific prices.

  • Maxi Cuttle Fish - hot colours
  • Maxi Cuttle Fish - rainbow colours
  • Maxi Pirate Teddy Bear
  • Maxi Panda Bear
  • Maxi Manta Ray - rainbow colours
  • Maxi Cuttle Fish - red rainbow
  • Maxi Cuttle Fish - aqua colours
  • Maxi Teddy Bear - blue w/ tee shirt

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