September 30, 2009
SunFest in Ocean City

SunFest in Ocean City was great!

Great people. Great wind. Great weather. Great kites.

Team Gomberg came in and started the weekend with a mass launch of six color-coordinated Octopus.This was the just completed GKPI matched set and it made quite an impact.

Octo Show

Launchers were Al Sparling, Mike Agner, Jim Martin, Dennis Hawley, Jim Cosca (guest), and Susan Gomberg.

Octo Show

Further down the beach, Jeff and Joyce King, Paul Keeler, and Bryan Hart all had shows in the sky. Rev and dual-line performers worked the crowd in the main field. The winds blew hard all day and that kept the fabric well above the sand.

Saturday night, our hosts from the Kite Loft presented a light dinner and cocktail party at their flagship store. Susan and I danced the rest of the night away at the Purple Moose.

SunFest Kites SunFest Kites SunFest Kites

SunFest Kites SunFest Kites SunFest Kites SunFest Kites

Sunday breezes were a bit less reliable. They bounced over the buildings, past the boardwalk, and spilled onto the beach with enough turbulence that nothing flew well or long. But we were still able to draw spectators from the craft and music fair a quarter mile away which is the centerpiece of the annual SunFest celebration.

A big thanks to Jay and MaryLynn at KiteLoft for another fine flying weekend.

We're off to Seal Beach in Southern California for a one day show this weekend and then straight out to Minnesota and the AKA Convention. See you out there!

Last Summer on a lark, I applied for a part as an extra in a film being made locally. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to spend a day with Charleze Theron and get paid for it!?!

The Burning Plain was released this week and I was relived that my small scene wasn't cut. But to keep my ego in check, they also hired our car for a scene and the car got more airtime (and money) than I did!

We're in limited local theaters and on cable. Watch for me appearing as "the Senator" in the second restaurant scene. The Buring Plain, starring Charleze Theron, Kim Bassenger, and the Gomberg Car.


SunFest Kites
Spikey Balls! This line art display in OC was quite a show. It inspired me to make our popular Spikey Balls the sale item this week.

This cool piece of line laundry is about 12 feet long. It has a black and white opening which leads to a large inflated ball covered with spikes. The ball is about three feet in diameter.

List price is $35. But order red, yellow, blue, purple, or rainbow before October 5, and we'll reduce the price 20%. Just mention the Update Special.

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