September 9, 2009
Susie in Cap Chat

Rewind to mid-August.

I went to Medellin and Cartegena Colombia with Kevin Sanders. Jim Martin and Jeff Burka represented GKPI at the other Colombia festival in Bogota. And Susie traveled with Mike Agner to Quebec Province for "Cap Chat". So the "Gomberg Team" was on three fields at once -- all outside the USA. And each group had their own stories to tell.

Susie and Mike My Hotel Their Hotel

Canada is much closer to Oregon than South America. But Susie's trip actually took twice as long -- complete with overnight "red-eye" flights, missed connections, and rescheduled flights. But the news wasn't all about hardships. While I was camped out in a modest hotel in Medellin (center), Miike and Susie enjoyed nice rooms and a great view from the Hilton in historic Quebec City (left). Hmph!

Art Kites Art Kites Art Kites Art Kites

Cap Chat is a beautiful and somewhat remote part of Quebec. Nestled along the Saint Lawrence River, the small community was looking for some excitement and pride. Local innkeeper Serge Lauriot stepped up to produce and finance this festive kite gathering. Old friends Jean Lamoureux and Michèle Bérubé were selected as the "Kite Captains".

Because the large international festival in Dieppe was just a few days later, many guests came in early to enjoy both events. Fliers included Michael Alvarez (Australia), Karl and Sara Longbottom (UK), William Farber (Australia), Axel Kostros (Germany), Bas and Sara Vreeswick (Holland), and the Windjammers (USA). Canadian performers included Don Brownridge, Jean Lemire, Ted and Micheline Gaudet, Carl Bigras, and Linda and Alfred Boudreau.

Big Kites Big Kites Big Kites

Susan and Mike centered the large kite field and emptied bags of Octopus, Gecko, Caterpillar, and Big Spikey Bouncers into the air. Susie reports she found some of the best kite anchors ever waiting on the field. Great for holding kites down but hard to reposition.....

Huge thanks to Jean Lamoureux and Michèle for their organizational efforts, to Serge for his generous hospitality, and to all the fliers for their warm camaraderie. As the festival wound down, most of the guests headed for Dieppe in New Brunswick, and Susie began inching her way back to Oregon. When I landed in Portland, she was there to greet me!

GKPI will be busy the next few weeks. We're scheduled into Rockaway in New York, Marina Green in San Francisco, Sun Fest in Ocean City, and Seal Beach in Los Angeles right before AKA in Rochester. See you out there somewhere!

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