May 18, 2009
Bumpy Start / Perfect Finish in Grand Haven

Grand Haven is an ideal festival. Beautiful beach, good people, crisp organization. Nestled at the edge of Lake Michigan, you don't even have to worry about the tide coming in and out.

But things weren't feeling ideal out on the Show Kite Field Saturday morning. Cool winds were rushing in off the water at an average of 25 with gusts topping 35. The sport kiters were unpacking vented kites with stronger frames, And we set to digging in anchors very deep.

Windy Beach

I was pleased to see the tropical fish stack taking the winds very well. Smaller Idol models quivered with each gust and the group of 15 got lots of attention. As conditions improved in the afternoon, we pulled out our new gold/orange Octopus for a maiden flight. And finally, as winds dropped to a tolerable 15 mph, we stacked up a few kites and suddenly, we had a show!

Grand Haven Saturday Grand Haven Saturday Grand Haven Saturday

The main field featured ballet performances by Chicago Fire, IQuad, the Windjammers, Lee Sedgewick, Sam Ritter, Lisa Willoughby and Paul DeBakker

At the edge of beach, our hosts, Mackinaw Kites sets up a very large sales tent and for two days, has the biggest kite store in the mid-west. Art kites fly on the south end of the beach. And at the north end, a large field is provided for the show kites which were always happy to try and fill it with color.

Grand Haven Sunday Grand Haven Sunday Grand Haven Sunday

Sunday turned out to be one of the best flying days we've enjoyed in many months. In addition to the Octopus, we launched two Spanish Devils. One was provided by the Gonzalez Brothers, and the other was made under license in our own factory and was flown for the first time. Can you tell the difference??

Grand Haven Sunday

Fliers at our end of the field this year included Al Sparling, Bob and Heidi Rymaszewski, Darryl Watters, Chad Macy, and Jason and Chaelee Madison.

We packed down late Sunday, strapped bags to the roof of Als car, and headed out for a shower and a farewell drink with friends.

Big thanks to Steve Negen and Mackinaw Kites for keeping this fine event going for so many years!

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