May 12, 2009
Four Time Zones in the Next Month

Once May arrives, we usually settle down from the sporadic overseas flights and begin to focus on more local events. In this case, "local" covers four time zones and one border crossing. It also means a great chance to fly with many of you in the coming weeks.

Here's a quick preview of what we have planned. Come join us!!

May 16 - 17: Grand Haven, Michigan

Did you know that "Baby Face" nelson robbed his first back in Grand Haven back in 1933. Little bit of Michigan trivia there....

The festival on the sandy shores of Lace Michigan is one of the best kite gatherings in the Mid West. Big show, great sport kite demos, indoor fly, fighter kites, and really nice people. Fine crowd of spectators too!

We enjoy going to a beach where you don't need to worry about the tide.

WW Kites

May 23-25: Wildwood, New Jersey

The Chinese once called this town "Active Forest". Took me a few minutes to figure out what they meant. But once I understood, the name stuck.

I've been going to this big East Coast event for 20 years. Things have been fading since they tore town the Rio. But I've decided to drop by at least one more time.

I'm not bringing a huge pile of baggage, but am looking forward to seeing lots of old friends.

June 6-7: Ocean Shores, Washington

Kite events on the beaches of Washington State have slowly been growing in size, scope, and spectacle. Start with a wide flying zone with smooth wind. Add a loyal and experienced cadre of serious fliers. Put them in a place where you can drive your car right up to the flying field. The result rivals any kite gathering in North America.

Ocean Shores is Flowform and Streamer Tail territory. And we'll be adding a large collection of big inflatables this year.

OC Panorama

June 19-21: Windscape Kite Festival, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Swift Current Show

At the edge of the flying field, the Canadian plains stretch out uninterrupted for as far as the eye can see. And when the winds come in, you definitely know you are kite flying. Check your anchors and hang on!!

For those of you not well versed in Canadian geography, think north of Great Falls, Montana. This is a wonderful event, well supported by the local community. Fliers from throughout Western Canada drove in to help fill the gusty skies.

My last visit to Saskatchewan in 2007 produced one of my favorite border crossing stories.

Usually when people ask what I do for a living, I tell them I'm a professional kite flier. At passport control in Vancouver, the officer had all the usual questions.

"How long will you be in Canada?" "Four days." "What are you doing here?" "I?e been invited to a festival." "What kind of festival?" "A kite festival." "Are you a professional kiteflier then?

My mind flashed over the question. Search the bags for merchandize? Duties on the kites I was carrying? Import taxes?? Work visas?

"A professional??", I said. "You mean like getting paid to fly kites??"

"Yeah", she replied. "That sounds pretty crazy. Welcome to Canada. Have a nice visit!".

Octos in Oregon

June 27-28: Summer Kite Festival, Lincoln City, Oregon

This is the event where we broke the Octopus Record last June. It is a small beach with a long kite history. And best of all, it is just three miles from home.

This year, instead of flying, I'll be managing the microphone and working to keep fliers properly promoted and the crowd entertained and educated. Susie usually sets the tone on days like that. "Don't say anything stupid!", she usually warns....

Lincoln City will have special significance for us this year. I'll tell you why right after Memorial Weekend.

So there you have it -- six events in seven weeks. And all the while, working to keep up with your emails, calls, and orders. It is an ambitious agenda. But at least we won't have to wonder what to put in the Update. Check back soon!

Rescue Rings

We just brought in a trial shipment of Figure Eight Rings with flared "ears". As many of you know, these are the preferred design for rescue workers and offer advanced line control and handling.

List price on these larger rings is about $25. But we're selling them now for $20 each or two for $36.

Supplies are limited and we're shifting them to the Factory when we get back from Michigan.

Banner Samples

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