Last weekend, GKPI did a "two-fer". I flew in France, while Susie took three big bags and a bunch of friends to Ocean City. Here's a guest Update from Jim Martin. Thanks to Jay and the Kite Loft for organizing the event, and for asking us to help put on a show.

May 2, 2009
GKPI Team in Ocean City

There's something about a weekend with friends and kites, on the beautiful beach at Ocean City, MD, that is hard to beat. Particularly when the wind comes right down the beach. And when the "flavor boost" ice cream place is only a few short steps down the boardwalk, and The Kite Loft just a few steps in the other direction!

What else could a kite flier possibly ask for?

OC Kites!!

MIKE - the Maryland International Kite Exposition - has been going on for 15 years. This year Jay Knerr and the Kite Loft brought in the Gomberg Team to swell the already-impressive show. David was committed to fly in France that weekend, so Susan Gomberg, Al Sparling, Jim Podlasek, Mike Agner, Jeff Burka, Dennis Hawley, and Jeff King made up our team.

OC Kites!!

If we each worked a little harder, dug an extra anchor and set up a rotation of who was to nap on a kite bag when, we could almost make up for David's absence. He was missed, but since Susie taught him everything he knows, and Susie was with us, all went very well.

Saturday dawned with smooth wind, straight up the beach. iQuad, just downwind from us, might have felt a slight hint of turbulence from the giant kites, and have preferred wind from exactly the other direction, but they fly so good it didn't hurt the show!

Winds dropped in the middle of the day, and there was something odd going on between two Peter Lynn Manta Rays

Let's just say it might be Manta Mating Season, from they way they were "colliding" during the day.

But the wind soon picked up again, and at least eight giant PL inflatables were flying, plus so many other kites that I can't describe it in a way that does it justice.

OC Kites!!
OC Kites!!

Picture as many kites as you can, with as many different sizes, colors, shapes and string-counts, as you possibly can imagine - then add one more than you can imagine and you have a good idea of the view down the beach!

Saturday night, the fliers met at Shenanigan's, right off the kite field, for dinner and an auction. I had to be careful of my bidding, since the transmission on my van was acting up, and I foresaw a need to hang on to some cash for the drive back to NC!

Sunday the winds in the morning were coming over the buildings and it was impossible to get much in the air. But by later in the afternoon conditions were better, and the skies filled up again nicely.

Thanks to Jay and all the folks who organized this event, to Susie who organized our team and to all the fliers who put so many kites in the air. And to whoever made the scallops at Shenanigan's. And, of course, to David, who went to France and left a place open for me on the Gomberg team at MIKE!

OC Kites!!

The trip home came to an abrupt halt just north of Norfolk. Turns out I was right about the transmission. But David always says these trips are about the stories, so I guess I have a new one now. Still, it was good flying and good fun in OC!

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