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Lifter kites do a little be extra. Not only to they look good in the sky. They are also designed to remain stable and carry a load of tails, drogues, line art and spinners. The idea is that you can create more than just a kite in flight. You can create a show!

There is nothing like flying a big, colorful inflated kite. The thrill of just hanging on to it is impossible to describe. The power it generates is exhilarating. And you get a special satisfaction from the care and skill required.

Pieces Shown Below:
ParaSleds: Super Sled Fighting & Fun: Rokkaku
Parafoils: BullDog
Compound Kites: Double French Military

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Tubes and Tails: Snake Tails | Streamer Tails | Transition Tails
G-Kite Accessories: Sand Anchors | Line and Winders

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Super Sled

Super Sled:

Here's a solid lifter for all occasions.

This 40 square foot traditional sled measures eight feet wide and five feet tall. It is perfect for displaying tubes, tails, and line decorations. Click here for a photo.

Attach them to the flying line, or connect to tabs at the base of the kite. The special ram-air design provides increased lift and stability in a wide range of wind conditions. Click here to see the Sled with our Pennant as a tail.

At just $88 each, you won't find a better platform for the money. We're making sleds in red, yellow, and purple - each with black and white accents.

Flexible Sled Flexible Sled Flexible Sled

Hyper-flexible spars give the kite form, but are virtually indestructible. You can even bend the kite in half for transport!

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BullDog Parafoil:

Part parachute, part airfoil, and known for their incredible lift, these "work horse" parafoils are designed for flying and lofting a show in the toughest conditions.

Rainbow BullDog

The 75 square foot Bulldog was designed tough with durable 1.5 ounce sailcloth and reinforced edging. Deep cells and a low aspect ratio allow it to inflate quickly, lift more gear, and stay aloft in varying winds. Extra tabs along the trailing edge make attaching extra tails easy.

This truly modern kite is shaped when the wind inflates six open cells. The wing is divided by a series of ribs, or risers which create the aerofoil shape in flight.

Keels sewn to the face of the kite maintain lateral stability. The main flying line is attached to a strong multi-legged bridle ststem.

Bulldogs were originally developed for lifting the famed beach shows on the Oregon Coast. Daily performances required easy handling and long-term dependability. Sparless construction means easy storage and transport.

Available in rainbow, warm, or cool color combinations for $350 each

Rainbow Warm Cool

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Advanced kites generally come without flying line. Thatís because many kiters already have line and don't want to pay for a new set with each kite they buy.

If you need line, check out the options listed below.

Double French Military Kite:

The Double Military or "Conyne" kite was invented by an American and used by the French Army over 100 years ago. Larger models flown in trains lifted observers. The design combines the best elements of a Diamond kite for stability and a Box kite for lift.

Our Double Military is 6 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall. We make it from tough nylon sailcloth with fiberglass framing. A colorful 9 foot tail and fabric bag are included.

The DFM makes a great show by itself and is perfect fopr lifting tails and tubes.

Double French Military

DFMK Colors

Pick up a Double French Military for just $75.

Choose Warm, Cool, or Rainbow colors.

Fly a fun piece of history!

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Rokkaku: Take a new look at the classic fighting kite of Japan.

The stability and convenience of this modern Rokkaku make it great for fun flying, lifting, or fighting. Adjustable bow lines allow tuning for different winds.

Our's was designed by Kevin Shannon - a kitemaker who's roks have earned more fighting trophies than any other designer in America.


The hexagonal Rokkaku kite was originally developed for traditional kite fighting in Japan. Large paper and bamboo kites flown by teams would tangle, tip, or crash together and the last kite in the sky was the winner.

Our kite measures 5.5 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide. Click here for a photo. It is constructed of durable ripstop with a fiberglass frame and comes complete with our exclusive Tuning and Fighting Guide.. We use the four-bridle-point configuration for ease of tuning. Choose red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.

"Roks" fly well in all winds and are excellent for intermediate or advanced fliers. They will also hold tube tails or line art. Use 100-200 pound flying line. Just $60 each.

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Looking to spice up your event? Consider our ten piece Kite Battle Package. You get ten battle-ready Rokkakus - each in a different color, 10 spools of 150 pound line, and complete fighting instructions -- all for $500. Invite spectators to come and play! You won't find a better way to draw bystanders onto the field and get them excited about flying!

Long Tubes and Tails:

A long Streamer or Tube will dress up any of our larger kites.

  • Consider the shimmering Streamer Flags that come in 15 to 150 foot lengths and eight different colors.
  • Consider the inflatable Snake Tails, our 55 foot striped tube tails.
  • Consider the dramatic Pennant Streamers that come in 25 foot lengths and seven different colors.
  • Consider the artistic Transition Tails in lengths up to 96 feet which match many of our Advanced Kite graphics.

    Kites come complete with loops where tails can be attached. Or you can lift several along the flying line to create a "wall of color".

Long Tails

Wooden Winder
Top Quality Line and Winders: You can use all kinds of things to wind up your flying line. We use these handsome Hardwood Handles, individually crafted here in Oregon. There are two sizes - the standard 12 inch for $9 and the large 18 inch for $12.
Lighter Flying Line: We use a black dacron for serious flying. The lightly waxed finish is easier to handle and the hollow braid can easily be spliced back together in the case of a cut or break. We prefer the dark color because it repels dirt, is easier to see in the sky, and because, well, because we like it...

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Strength 500 feet 1000 feet 3000 feet

100 lbs




200 lbs




300 lbs

$30 (300 ft)



500 lbs

$45 (500 ft)



Sand Anchors:

You arrive on the beach ready to fly, look around, and there isn't anything in sight to tie off to. What to do?? Simple -- just pull a sand anchor out of your bag.

This ingenious designs is made from a sheet of tough fabric with straps attached. Dog a hole in the sand, lay the fabric in the hole, fill the sand back in, and then connect your kite to the straps.

  • Medium Anchors - two to a package
      each 18 inches square - $14/UL>
    • Large Anchors - one to a package
        each 3 feet square - $15

Sand Anchors

Smaller anchors will hold kites that pull up to 50 pounds. Larger anchors will hold larger kites, up to and including the giants if you follow the instructions we've included. Click here for a photo.

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Please Note: Special care is required when flying large and heavy pulling kites or ground devices. Such care includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Be sure your flying area is clear of people and obstructions.
  • Be sure you are properly anchored.
  • Be sure your flying line is sufficient for the load it is carrying.
  • Be sure you have the ability to retreive your kite after it is launched.

Large kites can be dangerous: When you fly them, you accept responsibility for any accidents that may result. GKPI assumes no liability for injury or damage.