October 25, 2012
The Lincoln City that Might Have Been

For the Fall Lincoln City Kite Festival, it rained.

After three months of sun and near-perfect wind, the wind howled, the sky clouded over, and those clouds opened up to drench everything. Not the best day on the beach.

Ironically, earlier in the week, the Oregonian came to town for a festival preview. Take a look at their article and the accompanying video. What a difference a day makes! Click on the photo and we’ll take you away to what might have been…

Lincoln City

The Bulldog was designed in Lincoln City for exactly the kind of had-flying weather we had here last week. If you are determined to fly, this is a big, tough kite that will fly with you.

Available in rainbow, warm, or cool color combinations for $350 each. Order one before Election day and we’ll take off 20%

Rainbow Warm Cool

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