July 2, 2012
Backstory at the Rock Center

I reported last week on a excellent Summer Festival here in Lincoln City. And by now, lots and lots of other people know about the event as well. We were featured Thursday night on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams.

I'd been talking to the network producers for several weeks, and the crew from New York and Seattle spent three days on the beach filming. They interviewed IQuad, the Dorans, Ronda and Linsey, and lots of other local fliers. I'd say they probably took enough film home to complete a half hour segment. But as luck would have it, the Supreme Court came down with one of the biggest decision of the decade on the same day we were scheduled to air. So our segment was cut back to just a few minutes. But what a few minutes it was!!

I describe a good kite festival as a three-ring circus.

Ring one is the big show kites that draw attention. Ring two is the demo field where we use music and announcing to keep the public entertained. And ring three is the field with kinds activities and programs.

In just a few minutes, Rock Center managed to capture the flavor of all three rings!

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As I said, lots of people got interviewed and contributed to the program. Huge thanks to John, TK, Steve, Willow, Dave and Bazzer from IQuad for their part of the show.. They were joined by Island Quad for a flawless exhibition that erally showcased what a four-line kite can do. Amy and Connor, Gary MacEachern, and Al and Aaron Washington also performed and deserved to be in the final edit.

On the big kite field, you saw Ray and Donna Hertz' flag. That Frog sliding up the line belongs to Barry and Susan Tislow. The Dragon, of course, belongs to Dale Ray. Gary Lee had a quick shot of his Pilots and Tails. And Ron Bohart showcased his large applied FlowForms. Russ and Diane Little had the Tiger. And Phil and Barbara Burke featured the rainbow Octopus. Ed Paulsen showed up on film for several launches.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Over on the kid's field, that was Penny Lingenfelter's Peter Pan parade that looked like so much fun. Ronda and Linsey were making kites. And Team Experience (in the gold tye-dye) was Running Bols each day.

Throughout it all, you see Susan Gomberg is the background.

BTW - be sure and catch the background video of how NBC got those sky shots.

Two things on the beach really jumped out at me. One was the precocious young lady at the end exclaiming "this is a workout!". She spent several minutes preening for the camera and talking about how this would be the start of her film career. A real scene stealer!

The other connection was the tall, dark haired fellow with a mustache and a big smile. He and his son, with the glasses, were flying small Lincoln City diamonds. (You heard me yell "Nice save!") I noticed the kites were from different years. They told me they come every year. Really nice folks!

I'm hopeful that visibility like this will help explain to more folks what we do and why we do it. Like I said -- it takes a special kind of personality to be an adult kite flier. For the most part, we're like a group of folks infected with a unique secret. We're out having fun and the rest of the world doesn't quite get it ... yet.

Special thanks to NBC, Dustin Stephens, and his crew for some great shots and a wonderful edit. Let us know when you're ready for an hour-long special and we'll show you what we can really do!

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