June 25, 2012
Surprisingly Nice in Lincoln City

It was supposed to rain in Lincoln City. Even Saturday morning, it looked dark and moist. I went to beach early and took a raincoat.

What a surprise!

We've just finished two days of sparking sun and near perfect wind. This was the 30th Lincoln City Summer Kite festival. And it was a delightful success.


LC Kites

Sport kites and quadders filled the demonstration field for two days. Thank IQuad, Island Quad, the Dorans, Al and Aaron Washington. Heck, I even took a turn with a ZigZag!

Just south, the show field was spectacular! Tislows, Herzs, Burkes, Bohart, Lees, Littles, Thralls, Ray and Paulsen all had fabric in the air. The Gombergs flew three large whales. And nearby, featured guest Ron Gibean lofted a series of magnificent art kites.

Running of the Bols was a big hit. Each day, we organized heats of this slow-motion dash across the soft sand. I'm sure everyone's calves are aching today!

Bol Racing Bol Racing Bol Racing

This fine event is getting plenty of attention too. In addition to a large crowd and congested traffic along the highway, we had a film crew on site. Watch or record Rock Center with Brian Williams Thursday night at 10 and look for some familiar faces.

Photos courtesey of Rod Tharall and The NewsGuard. Thank you!

LC Kites

Up for some Bol Running of your own??

We may a three, six, and ten foot size. I prefer the ten for races since you can strap in one or several people. Team the kids up, run families, or do some side-line match-making. Nothing like pulling a big kite together to start a romance!

To help get things going, we'll take 20% off Bol orders through July 4th.

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