June 1, 2012
Peter Lynn Price News

I've been talking for some time about changes in the big kite economy. Sales of the larger Peter Lynns have been particularly impacted. Five years ago, we might have sold twenty pieces here in the USA. This year, we've sold one.

Exchange rates with New Zealand have shifted from a low of .60 to a high of .80. That alone has increased the price of a maxi by as much as $1000!

The result is that you pay more, while PL Ltd and GKPI earn less.

Counterfeits and copies seriously affect the situation. And so do lower priced new original kites in the market. To be clear, new original kites are good, and counterfeits are bad. But both affect sales of the Peter Lynn line



And finally, we have been successful in selling a lot of kites. But we have not been successful in recruiting a lot of new kite fliers. So the market is full and there are an increasing number of used kites available.

Gomberg Inc and Lynn Ltd have been discussing this situation over the past two years. This week an announcement was made with dramatic results. The price of Peter Lynn kites has been reduced across the board by an average of 20%. This is made possible by outsourcing much of production from New Zealand, lowering commissions, reducing the number of authorized distributors, and also reducing margins.

Here are a few examples.

  • Large Whale: was $4200 - now $3500
  • Large Crab: was $4900 now$3000
  • Large Gecko: was $4900 - now $4100
  • Large Fugu: was $4100 - now $2700
  • Giant Caterpillar : was $4900 - now $3100


Check our Peter Lynn pages for the complete price list.

This is a set of hard choices for kite manufacturers. We want to support our customers. And we need to stay profitable. The bottom line is that it is better to make less money on a kite sale, than not sell a kite.

I should also add that in this new environment, it will not be possible to offer any discounts to repeat customers or to negotiate prices with new buyers. The list price is the price. Even the AKA discount cannot apply.

Let me know if you have any questions on comments on these changes. We're trying to stay creative and we've always worked to be a proactive force in the kite community. Our goal is to bring you interesting, well made, and affordable creations.

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