March 5, 2012
450 Test Flight

The prototype of our new 450 SkyForm arrived three weeks ago. It's been sitting in the garage waiting for the rain to blow away and the wind to drop to a reasonable point. Snow, hail, and 70 mph "breeze" are not ideal for new kite testing.

Sunday morning I checked the weather and tide sites. Clear sunny skies! Constant 6 mph wind off the water. Low tide in mid-afternoon. Perfect!!

Mike and I tossed things in the van and headed for the D River Wayside.

450 Test Flight

The 450 is a big kite. A really big kite! It measures roughly 19 x 25 feet, so even with the big notch cut out of the back, it offers a lot of lifting surface.

450 Test Flight 450 Test Flight 450 Test Flight

Add to that a 150 foot streamer, and the result is a huge shadow across the beach. So as we launched, we also called out apologies to families sitting on blankets and enjoying the sun. Because suddenly, the sun was gone! But no one seemed to mind. They were all enjoying the spectacle. We drew a very quick crowd from up and down the sand.

The flight was very smooth for this newest SkyForm. Admittedly, we've only flown it in one wind and in pretty ideal conditions. But we're quite pleased with the results. We are now taking orders from qualified fliers.

The "450" is 18.5 x 24.5 feet and sells for $1600. Add a 150 foot matching streamer for $300. Choose one of our standard designs or use this template to work up something special in your own preferred colors. The result is an enormous impact in the sky.


Meanwhile, I have this brand new red and black showpiece back in the garage. It has been flown once for about half an hour. And Susie says we need cash flow more than we need another kite. List price is $1900. But the first person that calls with a $1600 check can have it!

Operators are standing by now!

Wednesday I fly out to Thailand for a blast of warm air and good fun. Check back in a week for our latest ravel Update.

One more thing: Here is a wonderful set of videos that ran on Oregon Public Broadcasting this week. Click on the image to go to the film.

OPB Festival OPB Festival

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