February 20, 2012
Special SkyForm Sale

Over the past few years, we've been making changes to our SkyForm design templates. In particular, we've shifted standard designs to matching top and bottom sails, and gone to a straight red/white/blue sail rather than using black accents.

Nothing was wrong with the original designs. We simply made some changes.

So now the Factory tells us they have a few of the original kites on the shelf. And they aren't doing anyone any good there! So with Spring looming, we decided to offer a batch of the SkyForm 60's at 25% off.

We have purple, yellow-black, and red/white/blue with black. If you pay in advance, we'll take PayPal.

We've sized the Skyform 1 at roughly 60 square feet (7 x 8.5) and priced it attractively at $195. So with the discount, you pay $146. The kite features eight cells and five keels. Click here for a diagram.

These kites work better with a drogue or tail. Add a matching streamer tail and we'll take 20% off the tail price.

Quantities are limited.

Purple Yellow/Black Red/White/Blue

Meanwhile, we're narrowing down name choices for the new lifter. I've listed to two leading contenders in this final pool, along with some late suggestions. Let me know what you think!

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