February 10, 2012
New Kite Needs a Name

Over the past few weeks, we been inviting suggestions for a name for our newest lifter. And some fun suggestions have come back!

We can't even tell you some of the nominees on a family site like this. But we would like your feedback on some of the better suggestions. And of course, if you have even better ideas, let me know!

Here's a bit of news again on the kite.

Our newest lifter is now in production. I'm still still struggling with a new name for it. Sky Scraper, Levitator, Navagator, Lift-Off, Utopia, SkyAgra, and Flo-Berg have all been suggested.

This kite has the simple bridle and keels of a Flowform, and huge open cells like a Pilot. It's a larger kite -- about 100 square feet. Tabs on the back will easily hold a matching streamer.

It flies at a high angle and pulls plenty. The distinctive feature immediately apparent was how quickly it inflated and launched. Our working title is the "EZ Up"

EZ Lifter

List price on this new piece will be $420. Choose one color for the sail and another for the keels.

So -- what should we call it. Here's a simple ballot to offer your opinion. Check both surveys please! We'll make a decision in the next three weeks. And if you have other names to suggest, let me know!

The weather here at the coast has been dreary. I took new pieces down to the beach twice this week for testing, but either the tides were too high or the winds to erratic. I'll keep trying between drizzels.

What kinds of new kites? I have the prototype SkyForm 450 on hand am and anxious to see how this big-boy flies! More news soon.

If you like our big 10 foot Turtle, you are gonna love the little ones we're introducing this week. They are five feet wide and priced at just $140.

This German inflatable from Meik Schlenger is one of the best new creations we've seen in the sky!

Choose your own colors. Generally we're doing the top shell, bottom shell, and body parts each in a different shade.

Order before Valentines Day and we'll take 20% off!


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