Janaury 3, 2012
Our New Year Mission Statement
and New Catalog

Susan and I have long believed that a life well lived involves working hard, contributing to the community, and a healthy respect for fun and adventure. Life, as I often say, is all about the stories.

Our stories range from the rush of adrenalin when launching the largest kite in the world, to the smile on the face of the smallest child who has seen their first kite at a dusty township in Africa. We've flown at Agincourt, Gettysburg, and Kitty Hawk. We've climbed Machu Piccu, Masada, and the Pyramids. We've played at 20 below on frozen lakes and on beaches so hot the sand sears your shoes. We have been blessed to travel the world and have dear friends in dozes of countries. Our favorite place? Home.

In an uncompromising effort to offer a collection of extraordinary quality and creativity, we have searched the globe to find the very best craftsmen, designers, and artisans. We've taken a hard stand in support of originality. This has proved to be a challenge in this age of cheap copies and ambiguous ethics.

Our aim is to treat customers as friends. That means they deserve our respect, our knowledge, and our support. It also means we want to have some fun together.

This belief runs deep here and our aim is to implement it without compromise.

We are pleased to introduce our 2012 G-Kites Catalog.

Inside you will find some delightful inflatables, intricate new cellular pieces, an expansion of our Kabuki Rokkaku series, and some ultralight indoor kites that we are very proud of.

Prices are increasing this year. We've tried to hold the line but simply can't absorb cost increases for fabric, labor, transport, or fiberglass/carbon rods any longer.

Take a look around and let us know what you think. The newest designs will be available in April. Thanks!

G-Kite Catalog
Click here to view or download the G-Kite Interactive Online Catalog
(40 page Acrobat file)

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