November 22, 2011
Eyeball This Update!

It is raining hard and winds are gusting to eighty. The power blips off and on periodically. And occasionally the sky lights up with a flash of lightening. In other places, they give storms like this names. But here in Oregon, it is just another Tuesday in November...

We just got news of some new designs finally working their way through the Factory development process. Just in time for the holidays, we've got EyeBalls.

I also have some nice video of events we attended earlier this year.

Finally, i need to report that prices are being forced higher in the new year. Labor, transportation, and materials - especially carbon - are costing more. We've struggled to keep our prices constant for the past few years. We can't afford not to make a change now. But we can hold the current pricing through new year. So keep that in mind as you peruse our pages.


Check out these eerie, edgy, and definitely very exciting EyeBalls!

Designed by Donna and Fred Taylor, the EyeBall Bouncers are about 5 feet tall. They inflate easily though an open pupil and come complete with a bright colored iris and loose dangling veins. Ugh. No wonder everyone loves them!

Set up a bouncing Eye, or inflate a pair. Display several for an eyeful of fun! Click here for another view.

Each big Eyeball is $235. Get two for $420.


Sunfest was one of the better flying days we've enjoyed this year.

Check out this well-made local video. And be sure to watch to the end!.

Here's a great video from Cape Town.

Pay special attention to the safety advice I provide....

Susie and I are off for the Annual Birthday Trip on December 2nd. This is where we trow all our frequent-flier miles at the map and see what happens. So stand by to share our adventure!

Here at GKPI, we've worked hard this year and made a lot of changes. We've invested, risked a little, expanded, and put people to work. We appreciate all of you more than we can say. Please have a happy, healthy, and very grateful Thanksgiving.

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