October 10, 2011
High Tides in Lincoln City

The weather for Lincoln City this weekend did not look promising. Rain, mist, fog and more rain. The only bright spot was Friday which was forecast for sun, but ended up with ... rain.

But Saturday morning, the clouds lifted, the winds came up, and the moisture blew away. The marked fields were compact. But we managed to squeeze a lot of fabric into them.

LC Beaches

The biggest attraction on the beach was our pair of new Whales. These were a large and mid-sized version of the kites commissioned by the King Family and produced by Peter Lynn. Other big kite performers included Ray and Donna Hertz, Barry and Susan Tislow, Rod and Cindy Thrall, Ed Paulsen, and Pete Zweifel.

Show Fliers Show Fliers Show Fliers Show Fliers
Rev Fliers

Between incoming waves, the sport kite fliers paraded across the sound stage. IQuad and Island Quad were in attendance. Gary MacEachern flew multiple kites. Amy and Connor Doran entertained. And Ben gave lessons. At one time, I counted 24 Revolutions in the air.

Most of the talk on the seawall focused on pending new rules from the parks Department regarding flying of larger kites on the Oregon Coast. More about that next week. For now, it is enough to say that pending rules were lifted on the weekend event following a few well-placed phone calls.

Sunday was scheduled for rain again but the winds came smooth and dry out of the south. Storms appeared to focus off shore which sent the waves pounding in higher than normal. At times, only forty feet of sand was dry and fliers scrambled to stay out of the surf. So one way or the other, most people got wet. But everyone seemed happy and the festival went off without any problems.

Incomming Tide

Susie and I are home for another week and then fly out to Cape Town. We'll be reporting there from the largest kite gathering in Africa. Check back and see if our luggage makes it!


PL Fish

Want the biggest fish on the beach? I have a nearly new one in great shape that we want to pass on before the year is over.

Colors are aqua, blue and purple

List price is $4700 but we can put this one in your back for $3900..

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