September 26, 2011
A Soupy Sunfest

Sunfest is a major kiting event on the East Coast. For 34 years, the Kite Loft has brought flies to brighten the skies during the send of season city celebration.

This year, the weather simply didn't cooperate. Driving in from Philadelphia, the windshield wipers could keep up with the rain and only my GPS kept me on track. At the beach, we found mist, for, drizzel, rain, but precious little wind.

There were plenty of kiters on hand who, of course, made the best of the situation.

No Wind

The sky was dominated with Revolutions -- either being flown my individuals, impromptu groups, or organized teams. Rev's have the benefit of taking the light breezes or adjusting to the occasional puffs.

Rev Fliers Rev Fliers Rev Fliers

Larger kites were more challenged and nothing really large ever went up. But we launched a few mid-sized pieces and told lots of stories.

Meanwhile, I got reports of fine weather back home and a beach filled with kites!

Lincoln City was hosting a Celebration of Honor and the sky was filled with red, white, and blue.

Park rangers were starting to get anxious about the informal gatherings and wondering if a group of friends on the beach needed a permit.

Seems too many people were pulling off the highway to watch and the bathrooms were getting over used.

I guess that is one way to measure success...

Rev Rescue
Kite Loft

Saturday, the Kite Loft hosted a gathering in the covered parking beneath their store. And Sunday, they cleared the beach as all fliers came back for the annual Fall Auction where the store sold off field demo pieces, returns, repairs, and odd-ball items.

So the weather sucked, but we had fun anyway. And now it is Monday and we're catching a ferry soon to cross from Maryland to New Jersey and see what winds there are in Wildwood for the AKA.

See you there!

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