September 11, 2011
Bits and Pieces

Welcome to Seaside!

Mike and Jackie are hard at work bringing our new Seaside store online. Plans are to open the doors on October 1st.

We're pleased with the warm reception we're getting. Already we've seen a large article in the local paper and a nice notice at the Chamber of Commerce. People keep knocking on the door and seem to want to buy things of of our delivery boxes.

Come on by if you aren't off at the AKA convention with me. And if you know anyone looking for work, send them our direction.

Speaking of AKA, I've arranged for three new pieces to come to Wildwood. They will be test flown there, but you won't have to pay shipping -- from New Zealand or Oregon! We have the new Space Racer, a Horse, and a special new Maxi Crab. First caller to commit gets the new kite!

Space Racer:An all-new design from Simon Chisnall.

The space racer is 7.5 meters wide (24.6 feet). An alien that sits on top and appears to steer it as it flys. Lights are available for a night fly as an optional extra. List price of $4000. But buy the Wildwood model and get the lights at no extra charge!

Check him out on YouTube.

Space Racer

Giant Crab
Giant Crab:

The Crab is a newer design from Peter Lynn Ltd. It offers a huge, compact mass as opposed to other inflatables with long tails. A complex and detailed bridling system adds to the satisfaction of presenting this amazing flying creation on your beach or field.

Lift is generated with the large claws that inflate through vents and are sealed off from the main body. The shell and feelers are filled though a mesh panel in the front and deflate with a zipper in the back.

We have a special model coming in, slightly smaller than the standard maxi. The packing weight is lighter and the flight is more manageable. Plus the price has dropped to $4500.Still very large.

Horse Kite

Carousel Horse

"The most amazing thing was the effect that he had on the children. Maybe because he is approximately life size and life coloured he seems more real than some other kites."

" Several kids came up and stroked him - absolutely extraordinary!! I have often seen children play with kites but normally in a boisterous way - never have I seen children petting a kite."

The PL Horse is about 20 feet long and now priced at $1850. But the one in Wildwood is $1600

Create your own Stable! You can have your own herd of racehorses We can do special colours and each piece can also have his own uniquely coloured blanket

Horse Kite

LC Beach

We'll have a great show up on the beach in Lincoln City this weekend. I'm leaving early for Sunfest and am a bit sorry to miss the fun at home.

Rod and Cindy Thrall, Ray and Donna Hertz, Barry and Susan Tislow, Ron and Emily Bohart, Ed Paulsen, Amy Doran, and Dale Ray will all be out there. It should be as good or even better than the organized festivals!!

The theme this week is red, white, abd blue as the city hosts a Celebration of Honor.

Come join the fun! The weather looks super and the tide is out!

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